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visa refused how can i reappeal?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by royalstag, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. Thank you for your interest in visiting Canada. After a careful review of your temporary resident visa application and supporting documentation, I have determined that your application does not meet the requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations. I am refusing your application. In making a decision on an application, a number of factors are considered. These may include but are not limited to:
    • the information in the travel and identity documents;
    • the reason for the travel to Canada;
    • the person’s contacts in Canada;
    • the person’s ties to his or her country of residence (including immigration status, employment and family ties);
    • the person’s ability to pay for the trip and to support himself or herself while in Canada;
    • whether the person is likely to respect the conditions of his or her admission to Canada;
    • whether the person is inadmissible to Canada; and
    • whether the person would be likely to leave Canada at the end of his/her authorized stay.

    To help you understand my decision, the reason(s) are provided on the following pages. You are welcome to reapply if you feel that you can respond to these concerns and can demonstrate that your situation meets the requirements. All new applications must be accompanied by a new processing fee.
  2. You have not posted any information for someone to be able to advise you.

    1. What was the purpose of your visit? For how long?

    2. Did you have a Canadian host?

    3. Which boxes were checked in the refusal letter?

    4. What documents did you submit?
  3. my purpose of visit is tourist with family my wife and son for 15 days..,but my wife and son get approval..no we are not have any host we are plan to live in hotel, i am frequent raveller i have usa visa, uk visa.travelled..i have also travelled canada in 2013.

    You have not satisfied me that you would leave Canada at the end of your stay as a temporary resident. In reaching this decision, I considered several factors, including:
    purpose of visit.


    passport info
    travel history .
    marriage proof..
  4. Again, you've posted too little details to get advice.

    1. What strong ties did you demonstrate to your country of residence: Employment/business + property/land ownership or a lease + financial situation + reasons to return to your country after your visit + do you live with any other dependent family members (your parents/grandparents/unmarried siblings, for example)? What documents did you submit for these aspects?

    2. I'm guessing you visited Canada alone in 2013 without your wife/son

    3. How old is your son? Is your wife employed?
  5. no i didnt submit my property buisness paper beacuse am applying online so document they want i upload only that document....
    but i have strong document of property and buisness,...

    am visited canada 2013 alone for buiseness visa...

    my son is 26 .. no my wife is housewife..but they paying itr.
  6. You need to prove that you have reasons to leave Canada at the end of your visit. The Document Checklist only covers the basic documents.

    Do post the documents you intend to submit for each of your strong ties (my previous post) + how long did you want to visit this time?

    How long did you stay when you visited?

    Have you traveled on family visits abroad along with your wife and son, especially to countries such as the US/ UK/ Europe, etc?
    Is your son employed or studying?
    Do your wife and son have any valid visas (UK/ US/ Schengen)?
  7. for 15 days... but i not upload any document for strong ties..

    How long did you stay when you visited?
    4days in my last visit..

    yes i travelled with my wife europe many tmes,,,but recently i travelled uk less than 6months ..
    my son is self employed with me in my buisness..
    my wife,son and me had usa visa vaid
  8. You will need to post the detailed list of documents that you intend to submit.

    Do you have other employees?
    Who will manage your business when you and your son are away?
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  9. these documents i upload via submit my application online-
    passport info
    travel history .
    marriage proof..

    no there is no other employe who manage our buisness our holidays are going so thats why our family plan trip to canada..
  10. sir so tell me which document i need to upload for my application...in this case for reapply...?
    first we upload only basic documents.. now i need help ... how i apply again with supporting document for my refuse visa application..

    my son and wife got visa..
  11. I'm sorry. I cannot help you if you cannot help yourself first. Your almost monosyllabic replies to the questions posted do not provide any insight to your situation.

    If you need advice, you will need to post more information about yourself + the documents you will submit for your new application
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  12. If you need advice, you will need to post more information about yourself + the documents you will submit for your new application[/QUOTE]

    sir i submit my application online..
    in application form i fill my buisness profile.. i am buisnessman ,i have jewellery buisness export import and retail..
    in applicatiion form i am the main person who apply for family with my basic detail..
    then i show my travel history of canada schengen uk recent trips...
    after all basic document that require for submit application online i uploaded
    passport info
    travel history .
    marriage proof.

    and i submitt my all detail in form..
    i got two time canada visa for buisness trip but i travel once recent one visa for 4 days...

    that all information i used for submit my family application..
  13. am buisnessman ,i have jewellery buisness export import and retail.2003..
    my firm register from 2003, i have gst documents all tax return documents,.,
    i have 2 property in delhi on my and my wife name...property value more then 2.5crore indian money
    i have good bank balance in my saving and current account arround 35-40k canada dollar..
    i have my personal plus company income tax return 3 years..
    i have 2-3 debit plus credit cards..
    i have 2, four wheeler vehicle registration on my name..
  14. Assuming your application was processed under CAN+ because you hold a valid US visa and have traveled to Canada before, I believe although Client Information was an optional document, you should have uploaded a covering letter mentioning the purpose of your visit, a brief itinerary and ties to India. No offence meant, but with your standard of English, it is unlikely that you can write a convincing letter in your reapplication, so my recommendation would be to consult an authorized Canadian Immigration agent in your city to assist you.

    When I applied, along with the covering letter, I also attached evidence of my ties to India such as my employment, property ownership certificate and consolidated net worth statement. Please remember, all of these should be in one document and under 4 MB in size.

    All the best.

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