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Visa refusal for family ties, travel history and purpose of visit

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by evindemirkol, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    I got refusal today based on
    Purpose of Visit, travel history
    and weak family ties in Canada and country of residence.

    I and my husband are both doctors (pulmonologist) in Turkey and we want to visit Montreal. We showed our holiday letters, flight tickets, hotel booking and thr letter from the hospital we work. The officer at the vfs global agent said the previous passports weren't needed, so I didn't show my previous pasaports. My husband has been in Schengen states and Croatia. In his previous passport, there was the UK visa.
    The family ties details are like that:
    - My father is retired interpreter
    - My mother is not alive
    - My father in law is doctor
    - My mother in law is pharmacist
    We want to stay 47 days (the total of our permits) in Montreal for touristic trip. We showed that we would return to Turkey after our vacation.

    We couldn't understand the causes of the rejection, so we don't know what we should correct.

    Shall we apply again in 2 to 3 days with a shorter trip plan?

    Or what can we do to show more strong family ties?
  2. A 47 day trip is too long and shows a lack of ties to your home country. I would recommend requesting a 2-3 week trip when you reapply.

    Your parents are irrelevant and don't show ties to your home country. If you had minor children you were leaving behind - these would represent a tie.

    What other evidence did you show to demonstrate ties to your home country? Employment? If so, what proof? Property ownership? Anything else?
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  3. To also add, flight and hotel bookings aren’t considered proof that you will leave Canada/return to Turkey. Think more along the lines of the examples of evidence scylla cited above.

    Also, what so you mean “total of your permits”? Are you citizens of a country other than Turkey?
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  4. We don't have a child.
    We are resident doctors and this is our final year as a resident doctor. We take a letter from our hospital, the manager of the hospital wrote that we would come back to Turkey to finish the specialization.

    We showed property ownership (deeds of 2 houses and 4 fields)

  5. No, we don't have any other citizenship other than Turkey. "Total of our permits" means, we have 47 days for 2018 and 2019 totally for holiday.

  6. Do you think it's enough to change the trip duration as 2-3 weeks?
  7. Maybe, plus a detailed daily itinerary and budget. Also if you didn’t show bank statements in your previous application, strongly suggest you do so.

    This doesn’t affect processing at all, but you may want to consider an online application instead. You can upload your travel stamps and visas (good if you travelled together before) and you won’t need to submit passports at VFS until requested.
  8. We were also added the bank statements.

    Thanks a lot for both of your supports.

    We'll try again, as an online application with a shorter period.

  9. Given the large number of asylum seekers coming from Turkey you file will likely cause concerns. Not saying you will get refused but that is one of the reasons for concern with your application.
  10. Thank you for your comment, that may be one of the reasons.

  11. You must have to mention meximum two weeks in travel plan. If you get visa you can stay till6 Month. That is yiur mistake.
    You need to make strong prifile.
  12. Now if I change my travel plan to 2 weeks and apply again to the visa, do you think this time is acceptable?
    Or since they know my first travel plan, do they think of it as deception?

  13. When are you looking to apply again?

    I had a country visa (Not canada) rejected several years back... I applied after 1 yr successfully. Basically i wrote another cover letter giving an explanation about every concerns they raised. You can reapply even now if you want, but give proper reply to every single concern they raised... and yes - showing 47 day itinerary for a resident doctor is wayyyyy too long... you can always show 1 week, and when you land there, stay as long as the visa allows you to...(legally that is) but getting 1 1/2 month vacation at a stretch these days, for TWO people will raise a red flag.

    One of the concerns was that I hadnt travelled to any other country before, that wasnt true becoz all the visas were in the older, and filled up passport.... Also their application could only support current employer, not previous ones... and i was only employed with that employer for 1 yr at that time... so i answered that also.

    Now the annoying part - whenever you apply for visa to any other country like US, australia, schengen, UK etc - you have to declare that you were rejected for canada visa once... Its quite annoying to keep declaring this on every stupid visa appilcation... :)

    good luck
  14. Turkey is a lovely place, i was there earlier this year...
  15. We're planning to apply next week again. Is it too early :)) ? We could write that we have changed our minds and wanted to visit Montreal and Toronto in two weeks.

    This rejected visa is really annoying! Every time when I apply to visa, I'll remember these bad days.

    Thanks a lot :)


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