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Visa approval from Ghana embassy?

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by macqi, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. Is there no legal aide we can consult because this just doesn't make sense to me.
    This is just mean.
  2. Say it again!! I'm planning to withdraw my application.
  3. If I were you I will withdraw and reapply again. 6 months is too much temporary study permit.
  4. Unfortunately, since its non-immigrant visa you can't do much. They may decide to deny you even if you qualify. Just pray. You may also withdraw and reapply.
  5. Yes absolutely it is mean. However they have the power to be mean so unfortunately there is little we can do. Try sending an email to the AVO at ACCRAIMMIGRATION@international.gc.ca with the below information if you have not already done so (it might help; who knows).

    Date of Birth:
    Full Name:
    File Number:
    File Type:
    Application filed on:
    Estimated wait time at application date per the cic website:
    Current estimated wait time per the cic website:
    My current wait time as of email:
    Enquiry: I would like to know how much longer it will take for my file to be reviewed/processed. Also if you need any clarification regarding my application please let me know. Thank you.
  6. Guys I would advice you to it rush and do anything hasty especially those going in for a students visa. This thing always happens, just that with our time the visas started coming in February. And I even received mine in March. Just have patience although the waiting is just tiring but it will be worth it.
  7. Kwamepipim- Could advice.

    Macqui- just keep your application on file and pursue other things in the meantime; and if something better comes along you can withdraw your application (but don't withdraw your application now without other options available)....
  8. *could advice= good advice...lol
  9. Sorry about the typo guys didn't even read through. All that I want to say is have patience. I don't know about the others but those going in for study permit. Even if your entrance has passed. It wouldn't affect your chances of getting the visa. The embassy will assume you hard your class defered.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions guys . I will no longer be withdrawing my application...the funny thing is I even sent them an email to give me my passport so I renew it but they do not even reply.
  11. Macqui- No worries. Seriously though find other things to do to bide your time. The accra visa office since time immemorial has been notoriously slow, and now they are currently trying to reduce the backlog related to family sponsorship and federal worker applications; so they will be even slower :(

    Why don't you get in touch with your university and defer your entry to September of this year or January of next year; and in the meantime pick up something productive here in Ghana.

    Regardless of the outcome you and I both know that all will be well. Hakuna matata yeah?
  12. I do think you can withdraw your passport. If you don't hear from them, go to the VFS they might be able to help get your passport while your application is still in progress.
  13. Macqui- I read the above thread in the "thread for Accra applicants" in the family sponsorship section and thought of you. AVO is working hard; they just have a lot of applications to go through. Be patient your time will come. I think we both should not call AVO "mean" as we did in previous posts. In the meantime however Lashen is right; if you need to renew your passport try going through VFS to pick it up but keep your application on file.
  14. Thanks for the information.
    Anyway, I never meant to say AVO was mean...I think they can improve their way of service because at the moment you and I know it's not the best.
  15. Yes I hear you. Sorry just realized I have been calling you Macqui (as opposed to Macqi); my apologies.

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