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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by glak1234, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. If you're able to, I think its easiest to just go to Vienna and get the Visa. The metro stop is literally around the corner from it so its easy to get to from anywhere in the city, and its all finished that afternoon. You can only go Tuesdays or Thursdays like it says in the PPR.

    We left from Belgrade with bus at 5PM and got to Vienna at about 3AM, so we slept a bit, and left our friends place at 7:30AM exhausted and ready to get to the embassy, woohooo. :D
    We got there at 8:30AM exactly, (the embassy, which is tiny, by the way.. is the 3rd floor of the building its in)
    We went up, and infront of the door is a security guard, of course you can't take your phone or camera inside. He gives you a number ticket thing to wait your turn. We went in and sat down waiting our turn with about 5 of 6 other people.
    When our turn came, we handed him the copy of our emailed PPR and told him we came to submit the passport, and he asked for the copy of my husbands passport, and the passport itself, we gave him that as well.. after a few seconds he told us to take a seat. After each person, the man working would take their papers to some back room (probably where the officers are working on the visas) and come back out and called the next person. After some 2 or 3 minutes, he called my husbands name, we went up again and he told us to come back at 3PM. I had to throw in the question "Will it be done by then?" because come on, I don't know what to expect at 3PM lol, and he gave me a sarcastic chuckle and was like "uhh yeah..." like as if I know, I am just asking lol jeez. ::)
    So we left the embassy, toured Vienna (everyone should, its such a beautiful city! especially the Schonbrunn Palace, we spent all day there)
    We got back to the embassy at 3PM totally exhausted and ready to fall asleep. This time we didn't get a number to wait.
    The man working simply asked everyone "who came first, who came last?" He told people to come up to the counter in that order one by one. We were 3rd I think, everyone was confused, in my opinion they should have given us numbers again. :-\
    We told him our Last name, and he handed us all of our pictures that we sent with our applications, at that point I was so excited haha. (by the way, the envelopes my pictures were in were kinda ripped up, it looked like they were eaten by a lion, maybe it won't be like that for your guys lol, the pictures were ok though)
    Then he gave my husband a big white envelope.. :O We sat back down to make sure everything was there before we left. We opened it, and inside was his passport and COPR, with a letter saying your visa is now affixed in your passort etc etc and what is to follow. We opened the passort and there it was! Like a golden ticket! Finally, he can go back to meet my parents in person and not skype! :D

    We had a bus back at 7PM for Belgrade, and we got home about 3AM.
    And that concludes our journey to Vienna :) lol
  2. A most excellent adventure!
  3. Looks like it was interesting and exciting day for you guys :)

    Lots of useful information in your post!
    Thanks for sharing!
  4. No problem, glad to help
    My cousins husband also went through this process, and I remember seeing his Visa and he had a picture in it too.. but my husband doesn't have one in his.. I am assuming that people who mail their passports in have the picture affixed in if I am not mistaken, anyone know?
  5. Some guy in one Serbian forum post a photo of his visa in his passport. He said that he also picked it up in person. No photo on it.
    That visa in his picture looks the same as my TRV, but of course in mine under "category" says "V-1 Visitor". It is probably the same for everyone now, same sticker different data on it.

    You don't have to worry about it :)
  6. Yeah, its definately the same then.. for this Visa under category it says Immigrant :)
  7. How long do they give you to enter Canada? When does the visa expire? Just curious to know how long we will have to settle everything at home
  8. So exciting Glak!

    Thanks for sharing with us. Good luck to you and your husband!
  9. No problem :)

    The guy gave us the envelope and didn't say anything about having to leave within a certain time frame.
    Husbands visa however expires Feb 2, 2012. My husband did his medicals in February 2011 so it makes sense. Although, I heard from some people that you have to leave within 3 months of the issue date, but I am not sure if that is true or not..
  10. Not that it really matters now, but I got the CAIPS notes today. All 22 pages of it. Lots of '0's next to the comments. But the only and best note was "I am satisfied this marriage is genuine....interview waived." Well, I knew that! But it's nice to see that in print.

    Anyway, still waiting for the visa. I think it's only been a week since he sent it in. He's got a flight (return flight actually) booked out of Budapest now for only 430 euros. Prices are going down. That's a happy thing. Hopefully the visa will get to him before then.
  11. Hi All,

    I've been reading through this thread and have been finding the information very helpful. COngrautlations to those of you no longer waiting :) I can't believe how fast some of the applications went through.
    Has anyone applied out of country? I am living in London and my soon to be husband, in Serbia...in order to be closer for visiting. I am planning on staying here throughout the application process and was wondering if anyone has (or knows of anyone) that has applied for the spouse visa from outside of Canada. Does it make things more difficult? As far as I can see, I need to prove I will go back to Canada once he receives the visa.
    Thanks and good luck to those still waiting :)
  12. I think you are right about proving you will return to Canada and be able to sponsor him. I think this will make things more difficult. Maybe you should also post this as an original post on the family class site. I'm sure one of the more senior members could advise you better about this aspect of your application. If you have other concerns about your husband being Serbian, military record checks etc., I'm sure we can help you with that! :) (Although it seems like most on this thread are leaving soon! yay)
  13. I love that this thread is dying out. We are all finally able to plan our lives with our spouses!
  14. I hope this thread won't die for the sake of others. I think newcomers will keep it alive. I'll do my best to drop by from time to time to help others, especially those with similar cases like mine.

    Anyway... I went to Vienna and had my interview. It was around 40 min. long, and like someone said it is formality. I asked VO lady at the end for timeframe. She said it's unknown and could take time. She will send her notes to Canada for review and that's it. Well... we knew that but I had to ask. Now we're back to the waiting game... but hopefully closer to the end of this process.
  15. That's true. I'll check in as well. It has been the best thread for us.

    Anyway, I'm sure it won't take much longer. Fingers crossed for you.

    My husband received a telegram yesterday telling him to call the Belgrade office. I don't know why they didn't just call him on his cell phone. Anyway, we figure it's his visa. If it is , it only took 10 days to process. So, maybe we'll be together in a month or so. Time to make some closet space for him.

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