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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by glak1234, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. I feel all by myself, feeling like I'm the only one going through Vienna!
    It would be a good idea for all Vienna applicants to meet in one place (here) :)
    So we can share information.. and timelines, yes?

    Lets share our wait times here!
  2. Hi glak123,

    I'm going trough Vienna too. My wife and I sent our application at the end of September 2010.
    She got approved as sponsor in November 2010. and our file was sent to Vienna. She is Canadian citizen and I'm Serbian.
    I was contacted in mid December 2010. to provide add. docs. about my military background. Here in Serbia it was obligatory to serve at that time.
    After I send all requested docs we didn't heard anything from Vienna. In April we ordered Caips notes and found out that security checks are in process...
    I've found out here on this forum that time frame for security checks in cases where someone was in military is 12 to 18 months... that is frustrating...
    So we are still waiting...

    Hope your case will be processed much faster.
  3. After I read that I just got a sick feeling in my stomach :S
    My husband was in the military also, mandatory service, but in mid 2008 in Belgrade:S.. when and where did you serve?
    I really pray to god that it will not take that long, and I hope you too get an answer soon
  4. I was in 98-99. It was during bombing of Serbia...

    If he was in 2008 he should be fine.
    Was he asked for additional documents?
    If not maybe they won't run (12-18 months) security checks on him.
  5. I just sent in our application to Mississauga yesterday and they received it today, so now we wait.. I hope we don't need to send in additional documents.. I included so much I don't know what else they would need., I also hope he will be fine, because nothing was going on in 2008 like the bombing and he was stationed in Belgrade, he said they were cleaning the stations more than they were doing any kind of military training..hah, so sorry you have to wait so long :S I'm sure you will get an answer soon
    ( procice to brzo :) )
  6. You just send it? Oh, ok :)

    You should get approval of your sponsorship in 40 days or so. Then after that they send your file to Vienna and you'll know if they need additional information about military background.
    My request for additional documents was sent by email one month after the file was transferred from Mississauga to Vienna.

    (naravno da ce proci brzo :) )
  7. glak123
    I've received your PM but is says that I'm not allowed to send messages... :S

    An error occurred
    you are not allowed to send messages...

    I don't know what's wrong it was fine before... I don't know how to contact admin about that... no options...

    Anyway I can still receive PM so you can send me your email there and I'll reply to you by email.
  8. Well, we're remaining hopeful that the security checks won't take that long. They asked for my husband's translated military records right away unlike previous applicants. Considering that they ask for them why don't they require them in the initial application? Anyway, my husband was in the military as all Serbian men are required to serve, but he wasn't involved in any war. I think what holds up the process especially, is that if any commanding officer is being investigated for war crimes. I don't know, but my husband has visited Canada already and was required to send military records for his visitor visa. You'd think the process would go faster now. You'd think...

    Anyway, you're not alone. I just don't like looking at this site everyday, I get tired of the reminders that we're not together yet. And I get tired of hearing about people from countries like India getting PR in 3 months.

    Anyone have experience with the VO in Belgrade? Curious to hear opinions.
  9. Same here, they asked translated military booklet and some table that I have to complete. Don't know why those are not included in initial application... maybe it would speed up the process in future if they include it...

    I hope that those security checks would be faster in future so people don't have to wait that long...
    I served in 98 and 99 and at that time there were fighting's in kosovo and bombing of Serbia took place (in 99). I was not involved in any active combat and I was not in kosovo... but will those facts make any difference to security checks? Speed things up with checks? I don't know...
    I visited Canada in 2009 and at that time I wasn't required to send my military records. I just completed those set of forms with questions related to military background...

    I tried to get visitor visa last month and I was denied... Lady at VO checked our file in Vienna and said that while those security checks are in progress VO in Belgrade can't issue TRV. She said that I can apply for TRV after those checks are done but when those checks are done I'll get PR... Just wanted to be with my wife for few months while we wait...but no...
    So... don't try to get visitor visa it's waste of time and money...
  10. Finally....Thanks Glak1234! Vienna VO Applicants!
  11. We are also going through Vienna. As you can see from my timeline, it's been taking a while.
    Initially everything went smoothly until the damn background checks started.
    My husband had served the mandatory military during the war even though he was only 17. anyways in Feb 09 they asked for all military records and they started background checks. We didn't hear anything until Oct '10...so about 20 months of waiting. He was asked to attend a security interview in Feb '11. Just last week we got a request for new medicals and new police certificate from Serbia...so we're hoping that he will be here by the end of the summer. He's going next Monday for meds and we already paid the landing fee....we were told it should take about 6 weeks for him to get his visa...yeayy! Anyways don't let other stories worry you. Every case is different. I know a lot of ppl who went through Vienna and on average it took them about 7 months. We were the unlucky ones. Good luck!
  12. Krofnica,

    May I know when was it? the war? My husband attend the military from February 1991-1992. He cannot even remember the name of the military training he was in. We only indicate hungarian military training. Hope it won't post a problem.

    Also here is an interesting post I copied from other thread/forum:

    Background & Security Checks

    Note: Our Background Check comprises of 2 parts:
    1. The Standard Documentation Checks,
    2. The Security & Criminality Checks.

    Standard Documentation Checks:
    Our background check is done at the CHC stage. It commences the moment our file gets the 1st BFD by the VO. An indicator of which is the e-CAS that shows "In Progress". All docs been checked & our NOC being tallied against the MI, if the VO finds our case 'eligible' for Canadian PR, the file becomes 'Accepted'; and then it goes for standard background checks, viz. Exp, Quals, Adaptability, Qualitative Considerations etc.

    The process involves many things. If our case file is well presented and the enclosures vouch the quality-quantity, adequate POF docs etc., there might not be a requirement of 'actually' calling the employers, references etc. The VOs have a way with that, they are experienced enough to ascertain the logical disposition of our case. But, if there are any concerns of his/her, s/he is likely to ask for additional docs, do further scrutiny vide any means [calling, visiting etc.] & might ask for an Interview.

    -Culmination: When 'fully' satisfied, we get the 'Medical Request'.
    -Timeframe: Can be anything around 3-8* months, for the 'fast track' system (Avg. 4-5 months).
    -eCAS: Continues to Show 'In Process'.
    *The older system has a queue, thus can be longer.

    Security & Criminality Checks:
    A part of the b/ground checks is the 'Security Check'. It commences after our med results are submitted to the CHC. This is a major activity -mainly concerning our 'safe inclusion' into the Canadian Soil; vis-a-vis, Political, Socio-Econmical, Anti-Social disposition, perceived Threat to Canada's integrity etc. This gets us the SDEC, CDEC & SECCRIM.

    This is a serious & time-consuming stage, involving many agencies, including CSIS, Interpol, NASC, Database Checking & touch-base with Local Police. Many things are considered here... the No. of countries visited, Applicant coming from 'certain' countries, ex-Servicemen [including Law Enforcement services], Prolonged stay in a country w/out sufficient docs to prove cause, frequent traveling to certain nations, your *Name (?), Inter-Religion/Nationality Marriages etc.

    If everything is simple & straight, the file soon gets into the 'final review' stage. If there are any 'red flags', our case goes into a 'spin'. Then our file might go to the local Police/CID agencies; the outcome/timeframe of which is beyond the control of CIC. And thereby the timeframe can be anything [sometimes beyond 1yr]. But, usually this stage should be over by 5 months max. However, a point to be noted is that we can also be called for an Interview [at this stage], due to this reason.

    -Culmination: Only upon security clearance we receive the PPR.
    -Timeframe: Around 2-6 months. Avg. 3 months. [With new system, sometimes PPR is clubbed with Meds]
    -eCAS: Still 'In Process', but 'Med Results Recd.' inside.

    *Yes, that's how a certain Mr. Sharukh Khan was detained for 4.5 hrs in an US port. He was a VIP, thus 4.5 hrs. For u & me -things could be different.
    The Process in a Nutshell:

    Stage-1: [CIO stage] Send Initial Apps+Processing Fees to CIO-NS > Qualitative Check > Issue of AOR+120 days Letter >

    Stage-2: [CHC stage onwards] Send Full Docs+RPRF to the Local Visa Office > File on Queue > e-Cas: "Received by Visa Office" > Eligibility Check+PSDEC > Issue of 2nd AOR > Background Check > Issue of Additional docs Request [if any] > 1st BF'D > e-Cas: "In Process" > Send Addnl. Docs > Issue of Med Request > 2nd BF'D >

    Stage-3: Meds Sent > e-Cas: "Medical Results Recd." > Issue of PPR* > Send Passport/s > Security Check > Visa/s Stamped > e-Cas: "Decision Made" >
    *The Meds & PPR are sometimes 'clubbed' together.

    Stage-4: Return of 'Stamped' Passport/s+COPR > Landing at the POE > e-Cas: "Completed".

    Hope this hleps....
  13. Hi Everyone...

    I am so glad finally we have VO Vienna thread. I felt kind a lonely too :)

    My husband is Canadian and I am from Slovenia. We applied in January but Mississauga lost our application. We reapplied on April 1st, got sponsorship decision on May 14th and now our application is in Vienna. They have received it on May 24th. Since then E-CAS hasn't been changed.

    Does anyone have any idea how long does it take in Vienna to go trough the file?
  14. It's our anniversary today. We should be together. Sigh. I'm debating whether to go back to Serbia this summer to visit him. We were hoping on that outside chance that he'd be here by summer, but I kind of doubt that now. It's so expensive, this traveling back and forth. If I knew he was coming in the next few months I could postpone the visit. But, what if it takes much much longer? December seems so long away.

    Srećna godiÅ¡njica moj muz...

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