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Videos about living in Canada? Day to day?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by PeacefulMan, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. Hi, I was curious to know if there are any videos or documentation to help new comers get familiar with all aspects of Canadian life society “before” they arrive while the case is being processed. I mean treating of everything, work, talk, eat, shopping, driving, interacting, what is normal and not normal, how Canadian perceive things and look at others, expectations ..etc … Especially for people coming from a very different culture in terms of language and religion and habits.

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  2. Looking at US is an easier way to understand that. You dont really have a lot of videos you can rely upon from Canada.
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  3. Do you know of any interesting links talking about the US ?
  4. canada is comparativery smaller(excluding size) and better sibling of USA in all aspects.
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  5. But this better sibling had to give certain trade concessions in order make a deal with USA.
  6. What you see on vlogs and videos are not fake but wont show the difficult situations which you can only experience by landing here. Just keep an open mind & learn.
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  8. I would suggest you to learn about winter clothing and public transport before coming here. Also, the sequence of things to do after coming here: SIN number, drivers license, bank account & credit card and finally car insurance and registration (if you are planning to buy one or drive one from USA). Learning about public transport will save a few bucks in the initial days as I wasted a lot of money on Uber for first few days. Day to day living doesn't differ much. Electricity is 110V and plugs are north american. That's the only main difference. Knowing where to buy things cheap also saves some money.
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  9. It depends on what you looking for and what is your status to come to Canada (or already in Canada). IRCC is funded many pre-arrival services to help newcomers to settle faster and easier. It includes a variety of informational and referral support such as webinars, videos, online services, forums, e-mails. Here is a list of services for newcomers:

    Some of them are specific and focused on particular professional fields (https://www.buildonbatit.com), others general and providing referral support referring you request and you to a right resource (for example http://nextstopcanada.ca/ ).
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  10. Yes, you can sign up for free pre-arrival services. The one where I work presents webinars on Canadian culture, getting ready for winter, etc. I imagine other pre-arrival services may have similar services.Ours is www.ic-pac.com but you can see all the pre-arrival services available (not just where I work) in the link on my signature.

    And if you have specific questions I can answer here, please feel free to tag me. I am an immigrant and also work in the newcomer sector, so I could have some useful information depending on what you are looking for.
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