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Discussion in 'Visitors' started by nexgenprise, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. Hi Friends,

    We submitted temporary visa application for my in-laws on 1st April, 2015 at VFS office @New Delhi. Although the main applicant was my father in-law and my mother in-law was accompanying him as spouse, the VFS office issued two tracking number for each application.

    Not sure if it means anything? Or does it mean that the applications for them were submitted separately at Canadian Embassy.? As per my limited knowledge (acquired from few subject matter experts here in this forum) goes, its one application as my father in-law as main applicant and my mother in-law as accompanying spouse.

    please clarify and advise why were issued two tracking number. Thanks.
  2. Hi,

    There will be two tracking numbers.... because these were two separate paper-based visa applications

    It's like this: Each paper application is put into a separate plastic folder by the VFS officials.... and if requested/or in case of family applications, they keep these individual plastic folders together so that these applications go to the same visa officer

    Don't worry.... keep us posted
  3. I just re-read your post: were there two tracking numbers for your father-in-law and two for your mom-in law..... or a total of two for both of them?
  4. Thanks Bryanna. When you have some moment, please take a look at below below posts and provide your input.

    Delta Work from TRV --> Super Visa.
  5. In Total two - one for my father in law and one for my mother in law
  6. Ah ok.... that's perfectly normal :)
  7. Thank God. Lets see whats in my destiny. I have put in my honest and sincere effort and I am sure it will pay off. Thanks.
  8. You've put in a lot of work for the TRVs.... it will surely pay off :)

    Don't get stressed.... hopefully you won't have to apply for their Super Visas this time

    btw I had a quick look at your other thread about the delta work for Super Visas.... looks good (again, I looked at it very summarily).... do keep in mind that the strong ties to home country, etc still remain.... a couple of key differences is the focus on finances will shift to you as host + insurance
  9. Thank Bryanna.

    I guess I have done what needed to be done and I really appreciate your help and I do. I would wish I get a chance to return that favor in some way.

    Thanks again!
  10. You're welcome :)

    I'm always happy to help anyone in any way that I can (even off this forum)..... and I'm glad that I could help you in some way.... fingers crossed
  11. My mother and sister applied via paper application on March 26. They got total 2 file numbers. 1 each. I wrote one common invitation letter for both of them.

    When should I expect to hear back from embassy ?? I checked status and showing thay applicatins are being processed at Bangalore Canada Embassy.

    I also put honest and sincere effort and hopping to see them here. What are approval rates from India ??
  12. For how long they are coming? Whats the purpose of the Visit?
  13. I wrote 3 weeks duration in the invitation letter. And purpose of visit is to reunite with me here to spend quality and visit places here in Alberta. I wrote detail information about places we will be visiting & what activities we will be doing.
  14. Hi Raj,

    Going by what some forum members mentioned, mid-March applications were processed last week (just before/after Easter).... this was for processing by the Bangalore Consulate.... but there's no hard-and-fast rule about timelines

    Hopefully your mom and sister will get their TRVs this week/next week
  15. Thanks !!

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