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URGENT : MPNP - Previous immigration application to another province

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by rahul1404, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. Hi All,

    I have applied to SINP but the application is still in 'Application Received' status. If I cancel my application now - Does the

    Previous immigration application to another province = Minus 100 points

    still applicable to me.

    Thank You All !!!
  2. That still applies even you cancel SINP
  3. Thank you for your reply.

    But since I am cancelling my application before it beung processed or final decision being made, I reverted my action.

    Also does Mpnp has access to all provinces applicants ? Wether selected / rejected or cancelled ?

    Can you please reply.. ?
  4. That is "application", so it means you filed application and paid fees, no matter it is being processed, even you decided to cancel your application, you already applied on other province, manitoba will deduct the points based on facts.

    I am not sure whether SK and MB have information sharing, depending on the intra-province agreements.
  5. Thank you for your reply... !!!

    Hello all,

    Can anyone please share personal experience regarding similar situation, i need to figure this out urgently ?

    Thank you all....
  6. Hi,
    I got AOR from NBPNP on Sept 13th. However, when checking eligibility for MPNP, there is a question "Do you have another immigration application pending?"
    If you select "yes", system will tell you that you are not eligible for MPNP. So, here is the question: Can my NBPNP application create any conflict when creating a profile for MNPN EOI-SW? Or Can I go ahead with my profile creation and information submission?
  7. Hi everyone...
    I applied in 2013 and I was rejected by Mpnp in 2014 .. Now I have reapplied.. My question is.. If I hide some information regarding my sisters who have arrived after my previous application.. And even about my eldest sister whom I hid in my previous application but told verbally about her ib telephonic interview.. Will they access that File to recheck me... Coz in EOI there is a question only about previous application to Manitoba in last 6 months...
    I am indecisive about revealing about my real sisters in other province because this will lead to rejection straight away

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