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Discussion in 'International Students' started by drsheela, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. I have been trying to apply study permit online everything is uploaded but when I am trying to upload IMM5257... this msg keeps on coming....

    The form could not be submitted because errors were found.

    Error: We couldn't upload your file.
    • Error Description: The version of the document submitted is no longer accepted
    Plz help
  2. Also having the same problem. some help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. This error occurs when you submit a document with format which is not supported , read full webpage , they should have written supported format of file.
  4. I am using the Form, pdf format, that I downloaded from the site.
  5. The same problem !!!!

    urgent help plz!!! I have a flight on 23rd March to Cannada, I might not make it! Sad
  6. read whole page carefully on which you are uploading document , they always write supported formats
  7. The supported file formats from the online application page are below. The form imm 5257 is downloaded from the online application page and is completed electronically, but is not being accepted on uploading it.

    The maximum size for each file is 4MB (four megabytes). We accept these file formats:
    • PDF (Portable Document)
    • JPG, TIFF, or PNG (Image)
    • DOC or DOCX (Microsoft Word Document)
  8. Same here. I can't upload that form.
  9. you should contact there customer support
  10. I have had to submit my application without uploading it, as it is in the optional documents. I reported the technical issue twice and did not get a response.
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  11. Also having the same problem pls someone help!!!
  12. hi...i tried many times it was not uploading..so searched in the forum and submitted in this way....i filled the form scanned it and attached it in client information section along with other documents....i got thru the next pages and submitted my application...hope this helps...
  13. I did the same way.:cool:

  14. Did you find any solution?
  15. Is this way is ok to do it, or we will loose our application fees.

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