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understanding GCMS notes

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by yelena, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. Hi there!

    I ordered my GCMS notes, and from what I could read around the forum I see they are using different short terms to adress different issues in our applications. So, before I acctually recive my notes, it would be good to know how to read them.

    I am starting this thread so everyone who has GCMS notes can post different terms and notes here, and possibly get some help in trying to make sence of them.

    Appreciate any input :)
  2. my questions are one step before yours.. what is GCMS ? Who should apply ? How should one apply ? what information would it provide ?
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  3. Gcms notes have everything cic computer and officers ever wrote in your file. Apperantly a goid thing when you would like to know what cic is doing with your application.

    They can be very long and from what i have heard, a bit difficult to understand sometimrs..
  4. I want to do the same thing. I had a dream just yesterday that I was reading their notes and that I glimpsed the letters 'jfk'. In the dream i realized that this meant they transferred the application to the US VO. Haha

    Sorry don't mean to hijack your thread here but would you please advise as to how we can order gcms notes? Thank you
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  5. GCMS ---> http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/department/atip/requests-atip.asp

    These can only be ordered from inside Canada either by you or someone authorized to request and receive them on your behalf.
  6. I had a friend order them. You just have to sign a consent form and send it to them.
  7. I see I am not the only one thinking and dreaming about this process 8)

    This is exactly what I am talking about., little things, letters, terminology and the meaning behind it.

    I know how I am, and if I don't have the knowledge, once I do recive my GCMSs and if I can't make sence of them I will burst into flames lol :p
  8. I saw this google sheet with CAIPS codes in another thread .... maybe this is helpful... let us know if it helps ...

  9. Hi Yelena... you don't live in Canada, right? CIC website indicate that you can only order your GCMS notes if you're a permanent resident or if you reside in Canada. "To send a request you must be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada or an individual or corporation currently in Canada."

    I'm a US citizen living in the States... I don't think I can order my GCMS notes, can I?
  10. Hi Folks,
    I have a question about the GCMS notes. It has been about 5 months since my AOR (May 25th). I have ordered my first GCMS notes on August 14th and got them after a month, for the first time I have paid $5. after two months now in october I got couple of Updates (October 2nd Bck check in progress, October 7th Additional doc request (Cv/resume and Phd studies supplementary questions)) so I decided to order the GCMS notes agin 10 days ago! But this time I took the advice of some members in this forum and check the other option to order the "free" ones! Now my question is this, is there any difference between the ones that we should pay $5 with free ones? Like any more detail? Cause by the time I will get them I will pass 6months and I really want to get the same details as the one that I paid $5 for! I do not want 1 month and get something which is not useful and then pay $5 and order new one and wait one more month! as we all now $5 is nothing and one month wait is frustrating! Any thought would be appreciated.

    PS. My Timeline
    ITA March 27th
    AOR May 25th
    Medical passed June 12th and celpip request
    Bck in process October 2nd and Update email
    October 7th doc request (CV/Phd resume), October 8th update Email

    Ecas In progress since Aug 14th
  11. Hope this helps:
  12. You need to pay $5 when you request information under Information Act, but you don't need to pay when you request information under Privacy act. The information you're getting in both cases is the same. The difference is that under Privacy act you can request information on yorself or other individuals only (if they signed written consent) but not information on corporations, organizations, etc.
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  13. Thanks for the helpfull information. So the notes will be the same since I have applied for myself.
  14. Nope. Under privacy act you can only request information about yourself. However if you're requesting information on someone else's behalf then you'll have to request under access to information act. You can also request for information for yourself under access to information act. This is how cic differentiates both below:

    Personal information is usually requested under the Privacy Act.
    There are no fees charged for request made under the Privacy Act.
    The purpose of the Privacy Act is to protect the privacy of individuals with respect to personal information about themselves where it is held by a government institution and to provide individuals with the right to access such information.

    Note: Personal information which belongs to an individual who is not a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada or currently living in Canada must be requested under the Access to Information Act.


    All government records (which include corporate documents and personal information) may be requested under the Access to Information Act.

    The application fee for request made under that Access to Information Act is $5.00 and processing fees may also be charged under some circumstances.

    The purpose of the Access to Information Act is to provide a right of access to records under the control of a government institution to Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or any individual or corporation present in Canada.
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  15. Nope. You can request information on other individuals if they signed written consent. If you want to see information on your spouse in the notes, your spouse must sign this. Otherwise this information will be blanked out.

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