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Two letters of acceptance from university, which one to upload?

Discussion in 'International Students' started by HenryVo, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. My university sent me an offer letter with congratulations, information about the school and my scholarship amount. They also sent me a Visa letter. This letter is formatted as a table with the school's detailed information, estimated tuition amount, expected start date and end date, etc. So which one should I upload? Merging them would be very difficult because they are 2 seperate pdf files.
  2. hi,
    The second letter should be shown as proof of university acceptance and the first letter you can include in the financial proof section to show that you have a scholarship.
  3. First letter is just an introduction. The Visa letter is what you need to submit as your offer later.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I am from Vietnam and applying through Student Direct Stream, so there is no Proof of Finance section.
  5. OK , then only The second letter is required then.
  6. Alright then, I will upload the VISA letter, thanks!
  7. Hi,

    Congratulations on your admission.

    I will advise you to merge both pdfs and upload both documents. The scholarship info is very important.

    Merging pdfs is very easy, there many online tools that can do that. You can use this one https://www.pdf2go.com/merge-pdf

    It will merge both docs online in a few seconds and then you can download the merged documents.

    All the best.


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