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TRV / Visitor Visa Extension


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Sep 3, 2016
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10 April 2017

I need advise on getting extension of TRV/Visitor visa of my spouse. My wife is with me in Canada and her Out land PR application is in process at NDVO. It is hard to say that before her expiry of exit ( 14 April 2017) PR application will be processed or not.

I am thinking for applying for extension of her Visitor Visa beyond 14 april 2017. Anyone have any idea what is best and safe way to do extension and what are documents will be needed for it ?

Only concern is she is pregnant and her Health care coverage will expiry on 14 April 2017 if her visa status does not get extended.

I checked online on cic website for process of extension. I saw one question ...I do not know what is correct answer. The Question is " Are you accompanying a family member who has status in Canada? " What is answer ?

Also it asked for Financial document( How applicant will support during duration of Stay) of applicant . As she is not working being on TRV. Her sponsorship is already approved by CIC that shows i am taking her responsibility. So can i mentioned that and submit my T4s instead ?

Please advise me on it

Thanks in advance