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TRV Timeline for Pakistan - Aug 2018

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by nabeelzuberi, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. Let us all share the status of the application so we can track when we can expect to hear from the Visa office?

    I applied for my mother and father on Aug 28th via paper based through VFS - Karachi.
  2. I applied for myself on August 17th paper based through vfs karachi.
  3. I applied for my mother oonline August 18.Got the biometric email on 19th. I am canadian citizen so allied from Canada but that doesn't matter. No updates till now.
  4. It will be good to see when any one of you get a response.
  5. Good Luck guys application from Pakistan took some time patience is a key i applied in last Sep and got it in Feb hope you guys will get soon only background check took 3 4 months as per experience if they are taking time so that means working on your application either mostly in 20 to 25 days you got a reply
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  6. Thanks. Hoping to get a positive response in coming days.
  7. Just checked my online status shows Eligibility review started today september 6.
  8. That is great news Woodwork. Hopefully your mother will get the visa.
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  9. Good to hear that people who applied in august getting response.

    Do let us know the outcome. Good Luck.
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  10. Applied online 18 August
    Biometric letter 19 August
    Biometrics done on 29 August
    Eligibity Review started on 6 September.
    Visa Approved 7 September.
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  11. Great news! Congrats :)
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  12. Woohoo congratulations. Who's next?
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  13. Hi, i want to apply for my parents TRV. Is there any good consultant in Karachi to whom i will contact and do all paper works. kindly also share with me list of docs generally needed for it.
  14. wow that is super fast Congratulations are you sure you applied from pak? hehe
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  15. Hi i guess you don't need to hire any consultant for it as you are best judge for your parents best if you apply your self everything is available on cic website furthermore you can post here many peoples here who can help you and assist you better then any consultant good luck
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