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TRV Renewal for Mother

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by dpknaren88, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Hi All,

    My mother is currently in Canada under Visitor Visa that expires on July'19. Her passport is expiring during the same time. Hence, she is travelling shortly to India in January for renewing her passport.

    My question is, can she return to Canada in April and apply for her TRV renewal within Canada?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. She can apply for a new passport through BLS.

    She does not need to leave Canada for this reason. She can apply to extend her stay (after she gets the new passport) about a month before her current visitor status expires i.e. about 6 months from the date she entered if there's no handwritten date in her passport

  3. Thanks for the details Bryanna. I checked with BLS earlier, but they mentioned they would only issue a passport valid for 2 years. I thought it would be best if she goes to India for getting the new passport which will be valid for 10 years.

    As for the extension, she is currently in her 2nd extension, so thought it would be best she takes a trip back and forth to India .

    Plus I have my doubts over applying the extension as well. Is extending her stay and renewal of Visitor TRV different? Or is it feasible to extend her stay in Canada while also renewing her TRV (which expires on July'19)?
  4. It would be best if your mom remains in India for at least 6-8 months before she attempts to re-enter. Or alternatively, apply for a short validity passport through BLS like I have suggested earlier.

    Her extension will become void as soon as she leaves Canada.

    TRVs cannot be renewed. She will need to apply for a new TRV from scratch from outside Canada/India if she intends to return after July 2019
  5. You are exactly right about the extension Bryanna. Which is why I thought she could go to India for 4 months (Jan - Apr) and return to Canada in April with the new passport, while I can apply the new TRV around May. Reason being she is 65 and my dad passed away sometime back. So she can't be alone in India for too long.

    Hence, i require the clarity of whether I can apply her new TRV within Canada!!
  6. If you want you mother to visit Canada for a long stretch again you should be applying for a supervisa. There is no guarantee you will be granted so many extensions next time.
  7. Having stayed for so long in Canada + two extensions + returning after just four months + your dad is no longer a family tie to return to India.... you would want to work hard to prove she has ties to India for her new TRV application.

  8. I really do want to apply supervisa for my mother. She has strong home ties, as she owns rental properties and is involved in some projects as well.

    Only concern is that me and my wife just started earning 2 months back. Although we earn sufficiently to support my mother, I can't show my IT statements for 2 years or the required funds of 48,000 for 3 member family at the moment.

    My mother has more than sufficient funds which can be shown for her supervisa. Can I apply for her supervisa using her funds?
  9. No you will need to show that you meet LICO and most likely need to show NOA. You have only recently received PR and your mother has been in Canada for a long time which raises red flags that she is living in Canada. She needs to reestablish ties to India and spend a good chunk of time there or she likely won’t receive another extension or maybe not even the full 6 months.
  10. One good thing is that I checked with BLS in person today regarding passport renewal from Canada. Seems they now provide 10 years valid passport from here itself, which saves a lot of time.
  11. Thanks for the info @canuck78 . My mom has been here for 8 months now. Lets say she goes to India for 6 months, Can i still apply for supervisa using our paystubs, offer letter, bank statements and Letter from Employer?

    Reason being, we can show sufficient information that we meet LICO. But have to wait for a year to get the NOA.

    I would greatly appreciate your suggestion for the best course of action!!
  12. Your mom cannot apply for a super visa by proving that she has the finances. You must prove that you meet LICO.

    It's advisable to wait until you have your NOA. Don't apply before that
  13. Thanks for your help Bryanna. Appreciate your time and help. I will not go forth with the Supervise and will only go with the new TRV then.
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