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TRV refused- Personal assest/Financial status

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Sophia the first, May 1, 2017.

  1. Hi eveyrone,

    TRV application was refused recently due to Personal asset/Financial Status.

    I used my payroll bank account to support the application. Also, my canadian bf is sending me money 250 cad every paycheck he received from his work or 500cad a month for 6 months already. That money was deposited in my payroll bank account. It was saved thier for me to have money for my visit. Question, is it alright to demonstrate or declare that some of my money in my account is from my bf? Please advice. Thank you.
  2. How much was in your account?

    Typically you would need to show at least CA$1000 per week of stay plus cost of roundtrip airfare.

  3. CA$2900 1 month visit for me and my son. I am planning to apply again 2 weeks from now but without my son anymore as he will be in school next month. Is it alright to state in the cover letter that 500cad every month in my bank account is from my bf? Proposed lenght of visit now 2 weeks. Thank you
  4. Yeah, you would have needed to show at least $8k plus airfare for two if you applied with your son, and 1 month is too long.

    Yes, you can explain about the 500cad from your boyfriend, and you can also explain why your son is not in this application anymore (school)--include his certificate of enrolment or any other documents he has for school. Ideally, the visa officer will buy this as a tie.

    Do you also have a full-time job that can be seen as a tie? Or any other bank accounts or financial assets that you can present?

    If you also look at this forum, applications where the purpose of visit is to visit a girlfriend/boyfriend in Canada are more difficult when there are few economic ties in the home country.
  6. Oh okay that's great. Please do show your certificate of employment and land title when you apply again.

    IMO the payout form won't help without any context or a letter of invitation from your BF.

    Good luck. I think you have a shot if you do it properly next time.
  7. get the property evaluated by chartered accounts and submit as proof of asset and country tie.
  8. Thank you again bellaluna and riasat.abar your advise are very much appreciated. Hoping to get the visa this time.
  9. Hi everyone, Please help. I just submitted my application online. However my credit card was declined (Bank issue/insufficient fund though I still have enough credit limit). Is their any option to pay? CIC only gave me 2 hours to complete the payment. If I cant complete the payment the time frame given will application cancel? Thank you.
  10. Hi everyone,

    I already submitted my appplication through online last June 14. Hoping for a possitive outcome this time :)

    Documents uploaded
    Purpose of visit
    1. Detailed itinerary
    2. Confirmed returned ticket
    3. Vacation leave letter signed by our HR. With date to return to work

    Proof of means of financial support
    1. 4 months bank statement with 3400+cad on it
    2. Employment certificate
    3.Certified true copy of an
    agri land title (under my name)
    4. 3months payslips
    5. Income tax return

    Proof of means of financial supporter
    1. 4 months bank statement
    2. Employment certificate
    3. Last 2 years T4
    4. Picture together and printed skype
    and messenger conversation(as
    proof of relationship)
    5. Notarized invitation letter

    1. Explanation letter
    2. Birth certificates of my family (as a
    proof of family ties)
    3. My 2017 salary increase letter from
    4. WU pay out slips. (To support large deposit in my bank account last
    5. Receipt and cheque copy( to
    support other large deposit is
    harvest corn from my agri land a mo a month ago)

    Good thing our IT helped me zipped (pdf format) the documents for easy uploading. Fingers crossed for visa :) :)
  11. Hello experts,
    I am planning to invite my mom and sister for visit me. I need some suggestion.

    1. My sister is single, therefore she doesn't have family ties in back home. She lives with my mom. My mom and sister visited India 3/4 times, except that they don't have travel history from any other country. She is taking care of our family business. The business under her name since she has to handle it. Our business has yearly income approximately 450k.Canadian dollar. All the business income goes to her business account. We also have properties.

    2. Do you think I should apply for my mom super visa and separately send invitation letter for my sister TRV.
    or they should apply for both of them in a same application normal TRV.

    3. I am working same company for almost 3 years. I will sponsor my mom end of 2018 for permanence residency. Now I want my mom and sister visit me.

    I wrote almost big history to understand our situation.

    Please advise me how much chances to get TRV visa if she apply her own or my mom & she apply for normal TRV in a same application.

    Thank you in advance.
  12. Hi bellaluna,
    Its been 15 days now since I submitted my application. Is it right to follow up? It says only 12 days processing time here in Phil. Im a bit worried cause im going to HK 2 weeks from now. Thank you.
  13. There's no point in following up, so don't. You'll only get a generic response, and your application won't go any faster.
    Looks like you submitted online. Don't worry about your HK trip. You have 30 days to submit your passport if approved. If you're approved, just submit it after your trip.
  14. Thank you for the info bellaluna. Yes, I submitted online :). Fingers crosses. Stress me out :(

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