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TRV or Super Visa for Mother

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Hellog_Canada, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. I am an Indian Citizen currently living in Singapore with my spouse and widowed mother. My mother has a long term visa here in Singapore. She also has a B1/B2 visa for USA for 10 years and she has visited us once when we were based in US earlier. She has also been to HK, MY and TH for tourism purposes. She has took multiple trips from SG to India as well.

    I have applied for PR under EE and we plan to move to Canada in next 3-4 months once my PR gets approved. I would like my mother to move permanently to Canada as she is dependent upon me. I know I cannot sponsor her at this point of time but when the Parents sponsorship opens up I will be applying for the same. So I have following options now to get her to Canada once we move:

    1) Apply for TRV for her now from Singapore showing that she is travelling for tourism
    2) Apply for TRV for her from India before we get the PR
    3) Apply for Supervisa once I gets the PR. But I wont have a job immediately but I can show sufficient funds to show that she can be supported by us.

    She has property in her name in India and she also has decent money in her bank accounts. I can also show decent money to support the candidature in any way possible. It would be great if experts can advice on which options out of 3 makes sense.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. #1 or #2 can help before you try #3.

    Her having a valid, used US Visa helps a bit, so in my opinion it doesn’t matter whether she applies from Singapore or India. She can still show her Indian ties even while she is in SG. Any substantial ties outside of Canada help.
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  3. She can apply under CAN+ processing i.e. faster processing although it is advisable to include proofs of her finances/strong ties, etc.

    Your mom cannot move permanently with you at this point in time.

    You are not eligible to apply for parent sponsorship until you meet the income requirements for each of the three taxation years preceding the date of the application. If you apply before this, the application will be refused even if the system selects you in the lottery.

    The chances of a TRV refusal are high because it is evident that your mom will be moving with you long-term. She can certainly try though

    You must be prepared to be separated from your mom for a few months i.e. it is advisable to wait for a few months until your land, settle in, and then apply for her TRV.

    The super visa application will be refused if you cannot prove that you have at least one NOA/stable income from Canadian sources to support your mom's stay on a super visa
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    Thanks @Bryanna and @bellaluna - Two points

    1) Do you think it makes more sense to apply for TRV now, before I get the PR because in that case her ties outside of Canada are strong. Also if we apply on tourism pretext now - do they give multiple entry 10 year visa like US? In that scenario she can stay for 6 months and thereafter we apply for extension for 6 months- I have done that in US and it was not an issue.

    2) Can you get supervisa when you already have a TRV. In that scenario she can stay for 2 years time and then once I have hit the 3 years mark then I can hopefully get to sponsor her (I know its a lottery)

    Any other way to get a long term visa for her?
  5. The fact that you have applied for PR will show up in the system through the Family Information form. It won't take long to figure out that your mom is applying to move long-term with you. This would increase the chances of a TRV refusal especially as her family ties will be strongest to Canada.

    You can try. Maybe she will get lucky

    Unlike the US, Canadian visitor visas are not issued for a flat 10 years. The maximum length could be up to the passport expiry (again, unlike a US B1/B2 visa) + the length of the TRV would depend on the assessment made by the visa officer, including whether or not s/he believes an applicant needs to visit again in the future.

    Yes, it is possible.... but applications for super visas must be made to a visa office outside Canada, preferably in the country where the parent has the strongest ties

    No other option at the moment. Even a H&C claim would need your mom to be in Canada + it would depend on whether or not she would face hardships, etc if she were to stay in India
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  6. Thanks @Bryanna

    1) What exactly is H&C claim. Could you please advice so that I can research more on that.

    2) I am going to apply for TRV from SG now- Anything you would suggest I should do so as to get the multiple entry long term visa at least till passport expiry (2024 so it’s good enough)?

    3) For supervisa - I just checked CIC and they have mentioned that investments etc can be shown as POF. If I show a large investment in Canadian Bank or something as soon as I move. Won’t that be sufficient?

    Thank you so much buddy. This is such an important thing for me and your expertise is helping us a lot.
  7. One last thing - How do you apply for TRV under CAN+ processing. Thank you
  8. You can go through the threads on H&C in the Refugee and Asylum section.

    Applying purely for tourism could result in a very short validity TRV..... unlike applying for a Family Visit (especially to meet immediate family members who are PRs/citizens).

    It's difficult to say what the decision could be in your mom's case. But from what we've seen on here, unfortunately TRV refusals are more likely.

    Nope. Super visas are regularly refused if the host has not submitted at least one NOA. It's your call


    The only difference is your mom must scan her US B1/B2 visa + the US entry stamp to request for CAN+
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  9. I am so sorry - One last thing. Do they call you for an interview in case of TRV? My mom can converse in english but not that fluently - So I was wondering that in case I apply in SG then she may not get an option of selecting Hindi as a language. If thats the case then I would have to apply in Delhi. Let me know pls. Thanks a ton!
  10. No - no interview.
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  11. Interviews are not common for TRVs. If at all an interview is scheduled, considering the large population of Indians in Singapore, I would think there must be someone who speaks Hindi in the visa office. Alternatively, you can request for an interpreter.

    Basically, it's the paperwork that impacts a decision. Interviews are for borderline approval cases. Regardless of Hindi, IMO, it would be better to apply from India where your mom has stronger ties as compared to Singapore
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