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TRV-online but unable to travel for Biometrics

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Ottawa-applicant, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. My mother and brother applied for TRV online in March 24, 2018. They weren't aware that they needed to do the biometrics right away or within 30 days of application submission. Issue is that to travel to the nearest Canada Visa application Center or Canadian embassy it will take around 30 days to get a flight, they’re traveling from Yemen. The supporting documents will be expired by then, expires in sense that my brother (who’s attached in the same application as mother) requested time off work & school will be passed by then!

    Mother requested 3 months’ time off work and brother 2 weeks only.
  2. Just a thought:
    Would it be possible for them to cross the Yemeni-Omani border post by road and then board an internal flight to Muscat? They can give their biometrics at the VAC in Muscat.

    You may also want to email the Abu Dhabi visa office + send a CSE/web form to ask if biometrics can be submitted after XX days, without the applications being cancelled
  3. Thank you Bryanna,

    I will certainly have them try crossing the board, but I believe it will require a visa.

    Do you think its best if they withdraw this application (giving that it’s just been few days since online submission) and once they’re able to get flight reservation apply again?

    If they email visa office to extend the biometric, what about the supporting documents? Will it matter or impact the officer decision if the time exceed the TRV time requested? i.e. brother work vacation ended, or period has passed.

  4. IMO, it should be possible to withdraw the application. Processing has probably not started because without the biometrics, the applications will be considered as incomplete.

    Even if the visa office allows them to withdraw their applications, the visa fees may/may not be refunded.

    No, decisions are not taken on the basis of the event date/whether or not the vacation is over
  5. Thank you Bryanna,

    Do you think mother and brother can ask for the biometrics to be extended by 2-3 months? or that's not possible? Given the earliest flight reservation is in July 2018.

    What do you think is the best scenario?

    my mom trying to avoid having red flag on her file if she cancels now and reapply in July-August

    Please advise!
  6. The Abu Dhabi visa office may agree or may not agree. It's hard to say. The reasoning could be your mom and brother should have applied when they are able to give their biometrics. If the visa office does allow an extension, it would possibly be for limited time.

    Assuming your mom and brother are not able to travel to a VAC even after the visa office grants a 2-3 months' extension then the visa office may not grant another extension.

    You may want to consider withdrawing their current applications.... or else check if they can travel by road to the nearest border post and then take a flight.

    Withdrawing the applications now will not put any red flags on their applications. They would mention they are withdrawing/cancelling their current applications due to the situation/inability to travel to give their biometrics
  7. Thank you for your help. Would they be able to submit biometrics in Sudan? There is a Canadian embassy in Khartoum, tried to call the phone number and its wrong number listed online.
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    We have come across cases where (for example) Iranians have given their biometrics to UAE VACs instead of a VAC that accepts biometrics for the Ankara visa office. Technically, it is doable.

    Nonetheless, I suggest you email the Abu Dhabi visa office + the Nairobi/Addis Ababa VAC to request if this can be done.

    BTW there's no visa office in Khartoum + there's no VAC in Sudan.

    You would also want to be double sure the VAC will forward the biometrics to the Abu Dhabi visa office..... and more importantly, their applications are not considered as applying to the Nairobi visa office where chances of approval are low
  9. Already emailed the Abu Dhabi visa office asking for extension, auto response that email will be answer within 28 days. Guess we have to wait for the answer, will keep you posted.

    Thank you again!
  10. The Visa office replied that they're unable to grant an extension. So my mother will withdraw the application. Does the below make sense to send it to the Visa office?

    Subject: Requesting for Withdrawal of Visa Application

    Dear Visa Officer,

    I, XXX & XXXX would like to withdraw our application for visitor visa. Application was submitted online on XXX, 2018. Withdrawing application due to the inability to travel give our biometrics within the 30 days period, as an extension wasn’t granted for us.

    Please accept our appreciation for time you have invested to look through our file and documents.

  11. Do include their passport numbers, nationality, date of birth in the email.

    If you wish, you can request the visa fees to be refunded. This, however, will be at the discretion of the visa office
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  12. Bryanna,

    until this moment I haven't heard anything from either Abu Dhabi visa office or through the account online. The email was sent ot both the visa office and the case specific inquiry asking to cancel the application and refund the fee.

    Any idea what should we do?

    Thank you,
  13. It could take up to 8 weeks to close the file after a request is made to cancel the applications. You can send another CSE
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  14. it's been since April 5th, 2018 that's when the email was sent.
  15. Maybe the delay is due to a high volume of applications

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