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TRV from Pakistan

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by agshaheryar, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. I want to have a thread specifically for TRV from Pakistan. It would help to keep track of current processing timeline and hopefully it will be a good source of information.
  2. I applied for my parents from Lahore. It’s a paper application and in process at CIC office from May 13,2019. Still waiting for the next step.
  3. Y u dont fill online & r u in Canada
  4. I am in Canada and my parents are in PAK,
    I tried to link the application but may be because those are 2 could not find files to connect.
  5. I also want to apply for wife’s sister from Pakistan. Still confused if I should apply online or paper application. The biggest concern is her 2 previous passports are lost. Don’t know how to give travel history .
  6. Online is good, you get more updated information and track your status easily.
  7. I have applied for my mom on 30th May from Lahore, it was paper application. I have connected the application to online account and it shows just submitted they haven't even started eligibility review. I am so worried as we entered 7th JUly as planned date to enter in Canada.
  8. Your time is similar to mine
    I submitted online on 23rd May and got PPR request on 8th July ,
    Inshallah will submit my passport after returning from UK (after cricket final) :p
  9. I have applied TRV(paper based application) for my parents from Lahore, on VFS status shows” Application has been received and is under process at the IRCC Office on 2019/06/24 “
    My questions are:-
    1- how do I link paper application online? I tried to link lots of time with application number given by VFS.
    2- My parents provided original passports with application, will we receive any correspondence from VFS?
  10. Try with UCI.
    What I know from last November they asked only forms and they request for PPR if approved.
  11. They don’t have UCI, I just received Application number (20190619PKLHTRV00000) through email from VFS,
  12. This is tracking number not UCI or application
  13. Applied for my sister and brother in law
  14. What is the timeline?
  15. Applied last week. No update yet

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