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TRV From Inside Canada - Normal Processing Time Has Passed

Discussion in 'Temporary Residence in Canada (Work, Study, Visit)' started by Usama Chaudary, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. I applied on Sep 10 and my eligibility start a week later. Since then, no response from CIC. Have your eligibility started yet?
  2. I applied on Sep 10 and my eligibility start a week later. Since then, no response from CIC, no passport request. Have your eligibility started yet?
  3. No my eligibilty hasnt even started and i am really afraid of this Canada Post situation in canada ‍♂️
  4. Hey,
    So you applied for a TRV from inside Canada? I applied for my TRV ( online from inside Canada after receiving my work permit) its been 2 months, I sent two case specific inquiry and their responses were super vague. I will update if i have anything. Its a relief to see that it is just not me waiting for a visa from the past two months.
  5. Hey,
    I know its very frustrating, customer service agents never answer. I wish i could help in any way. I have travel plans in November too. The processing times they show online is definitely not accurate. let's all be active and post any notification or update here.
  6. Yes i applied in Canada after getting my work permit too. I hope i filled out the right form. I filled IMM 5707e. After doing that questionaire i filled out that form because there was no other option for 5257.
  7. Hey,
    so i filled the IMM5257 and now i am not sure anymore which form needs to be filled for inside canada applications.
  8. How did you get 5257? My quentionaire only let me fill out 5707. Did you apply online?
  9. Yes, I did apply online.
  10. I withdrew my previous application and submitted a new one with imm 5257. Now i am pretty sure that my visa wont come before 9th nov. Wasted money on the ticket too.
  11. Hey,
    I am sorry to hear about this. That's a lot of money in the waste. :(So you totally withdrew your application, I hope this time you get the visa faster. its all over from starting again. please do share any updates you get from the CIC.

    Can anyone confirm if we have to fill the IMM5257 for inside Canada applications? This is so frustrating.
  12. hello all, I am in the same situation, applied for trv from within canada on August 20, after study permit extension, and filled the form IMM5257e, my eligibility review started long time ago, but received no updates at all!
  13. Hi I called CIC at 1-888-242-2100 today and they told me my app is ready to be finalized, it is just matter of time(Maybe visa officer is on vocation.) Maybe you should call too to ask about your status. I think IMM 5257 is the right form. The call center is busy and you need to call multiple times and wait 20 minutes to get to talk to a real person.
  14. Hey,
    Welcome to the club, pretty much most of us are waiting for the past 2 months. Have you tried contacting the CIC? I know the agents are never available but try sending an CSE web form.
    Also, happy to know you filed the IMM5257 form.

    Please stay active and if you can post any updates you get that'd be very helpful! : )
  15. Hi snehavyas, what is CIC response from the CSE inquiry? I just called them today and get my status. It was a very long wait time though. Thx.

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