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TRV approval from syd australia

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Manpreet_myraman, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. below is my timeline :
    Date submitted-26may
    Eligibility started 30th may
    PPR- 13 june

    I was in to much hurry when I applied on 26th may that accidentally I forgot to upload my cover letter and additional documents. In application i did forgot to mention about my previous US visa refusal as well.
    I m so happy today !!
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  2. Congrats mate, even I have applied for TRV from Australia on 28th May and the eligibility started on 4th June. I was rejected before for travel history, immigration status, personal assets, and purpose of visit. Have you submitted the passport to VFS?
  3. Yes i m going to submit it tomorrow. My friend also was rejected before but second time he is approved.
  4. Great, I don't have a lot of hope but still, I have tried my best in preparing the application. Let's see how it goes, please let us know when you get your passport back.
  5. You need to for sure shot provide return tickets plus your day to day travel itineraries. And most importantly tax returns and pay stubs and nOc from employer. I dnt have a very good job in syd but i earn a good income plus the invitation is from my Canadaian wife. I forgot to upload the cover letter and additional docs in client information but still i got my PPR
  6. I have attached the return tickets and all the documents except the tax return. Now I am eagerly waiting for the final decision, hopefully, this time it is approved. When are you going to Canada?
  7. My plans were from 13th june to 3rd july but now i ll go in end of july !! Lets see how long the visa is approved for. Fingers crossed. Do u know if VAC provide printer service in syd office.
  8. I am not sure if they provide printing service but they do provide photocopying service. Confirm with them before going.

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