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Discussion in 'Visitors' started by pakistani 1, May 28, 2018.

  1. hello i had applied alongwith my wife trv application for tourism on april 03 2018 at vac karachi and linked my paper application to online account on april 04 2018 and send CSE enquiry on april 15 2018 but as of now no update.i have valid 2 years uk multiple visa and 5 years usa visa and travelled with my wife mutiple times to uk and usa and also schengen countries in 2017.
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  2. What status showing on your online account ?
  3. It takes longer at times to process as they are facing lot of application... last yr it took more than 100 days for some applicant to recieve a decision
  4. status showing submitted since april 04 2018 after linking application to online account
  5. Yes dear i got my reply after 65 days ..they must be doung back ground check
  6. Hi Guys,

    Please share your timelines:

    I applied on 26th of April from Karachi for a visit visa with my family.
    On 29th April they received my application
    I linked that application to my online gic account and after 2 days the status changed to "We are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements."

    And they are also doing a background check since 2nd of May.

    So guys how long it gonna take for background check to be completed?

  7. Glad to hear that they replied you after 65 days but what was the outcome of your application?
  8. Theres no specific time how long it will take for BG check .. a guy here got approval after almost 130 days as BG check took long .. it may take from few days to several weeks for BG
  9. brother is it 65 calendar or business days and i dont understand regarding background checks as i have travel history of far east,usa.uk and schengen countries.
  10. but on the website is shows 18 working days add 7 workings days for forwarding and receiving back passports from VFS.
  11. Calender days like i submitted on 22 march and recieve passport request on 25 may 2017 but there were caes later last yr it took much longer
  12. Thats just estimate .it can take much longer / lesser depending on applicant ties and document provided
  13. today i had applied request for the with drawl of passports to apply for thailand visa and will submit the passports later when the decision on application will be made lets hope for the best as of today 56 days since date of application submission.
  14. @pakistani 1 in how many days did u get ur passports back after applying for passport withdrawal? I m also going to apply for withdrawal of passports next week....

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