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TRV applied in September 2017. Share your timeline and processing time from INDIA

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by kaviraj251, Sep 27, 2017.

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    Hi guys lets share the timelines and updates regarding the TRV applied in Sep 2017. Here is mine.

    Applied on Sep 23th.
    Confirmation email received on the same day.

    Plz also share your status.

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  2. Online application submitted for parents on 14th Sep. Received confirmation same day

    After that eligibility review started 2 days back.. Since than no further update
  3. no update till now
  4. processing time is showing as 35 days in CIC website.
  5. Applied on sept 21st through online application for parents .
    Received the confirmation of receipt on same day .
  6. Received the message to submit the passport.
    Application submitted 21st September
    Passport Request 2nd October
  7. Congrats dear
  8. Congrats that was pretty quick

    Are you parents based in India
  9. Yes they are based in India
  10. Hi, did you apply it online or at the vfs office? If vfs office then which one??
  11. I have applied for my mother in law's supervisa online from india on 12th September. Its being processed at the New Delhi Visa Office
    Medicals passed on 29th Sept.. now waiting
    I already have tickets booked for 22nd October hence worried.
  12. I applied online .
  13. U applied from canada or india
  14. Any further update on any application? There is no update on my application :(
  15. Its been 13 days now from the date of submission and the status is still the same. No email received after 24 Sep. Waiting is torture :(o_O hoping to have a positive feedback

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