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TRV applied in July 2018

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Hammer, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Hello fellow members,

    Please share your timeline if you applied for Visitor Visa paper based application from outside Canada in July, 2018.

    Were you able to link your application to MYCIC?

    Got any updates?
  2. Anyone applied in July 2018 for visitor visa?
  3. I applied for my parents online on July 8th
  4. Which country they travelling from?
  5. They live in Sri lanka. They got the biometric done last week. Online status says " We start processing your application"
  6. Any TRV paper application from India for July 2018?
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  7. Applied TRV on July 05
    Eligibility started on July 13
    No updates after that. ANXIOUSLY waiting.
  8. I apply in July 2018
  9. Apply trv on 2nd July
    Acknowledgment letter 5th july
  10. Applied TRV on 7th July
    Eligibility Started on 12th July...
    Since that no updates
  11. You applied online or paper application?
  12. Was it paper based application or online?
  13. Where did you receive acknowledgement letter? on email?
    And what does this letter include?
  14. By email include my uci no...my application no etc etc

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