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Troubled Citizenship Interview

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by troubled interview, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. My uncle had blue card, obtained by investing in Canada.
    He had a company in operation in Canada Montreal, and he had 3 adult children.
    They went to an interview, and they failed it 4 years ago.
    The consultant that took them through the process got arrested shortly prior to the interview because of fraud.
    Despite having all the necessary valid documents due to the consultant’s troubled legal standing they could not get Canada Citizenship. Shortly after the incident he got seriously sick and as a result he has not been back to Canada for the last 4 years.
    Some documents are with the consultant and he has no access to those documents.
    Some experts told my uncle that if he goes to the court he can win this case and they can receive the Canadian passports They still have some documents remaining such as the tax returns, data regarding entrance and exit to Canada.
    It is possible that they have received a reply one more time from immigration but because my uncle is sick, the kids are scared because of what happened to the consultant and all are back to their home country and they have lost contact with the consultant they do not know.
    What can be done? Can a lawyer help? Or should we just give up and accept the situation as it is?
  2. I think you should take some legal advice on this . Good luck
  3. What was the reason for refusal(s)?

    Realistically, after so many years away, the ability to mount a successful legal appeal is probably zero. Also, the uncle probably is currently in non-compliance with the Residency Obligations as well. The same may apply to the others. The burden of proof in PR residency and citizenship applications is on the applicant. All CIC/IRCC had to show was reasonable belief that the burden had not been met, for whatever reasons.

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