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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by ntwkengg, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. I had also linked my wife's application and the status for additional documents for her is "additional documents have been uploaded"

    Not sure when this happened because my status is as it is and the photos were resent on the same day, clicked from the same studio. So no clue why the status for us is different from each other.
  2. My kids also resend photos they have received on 11 the January but still not yet approved.Landed on November 1,2017.when I had called on December 28 and asked regarding my wife’s photos the agent told me it is approved so you will receive by the end of January but again I got email to resend photos.So never trust agent.
  3. Good news guys, My PR card was sent to card production as I just called them...so I should see some updates on myCIC soon.
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  4. Thanks for update

    When did they receive your photos?
  5. Landing date: 20/11/17
    Photo req: 11/1/18
    Photo received by CIC: 15/1/18
    Photo sent to PR Card Production: 7/2/18
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  6. Hey guys,

    Today my status changed to approved and shows all the information about my PR card.

    Landing Nov 4 (Ottawa)
    Photos request Dec 22
    Photos received Dec 28
    Uploaded Feb 6
    Approved Feb 7
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  7. Congrats... When did they receive your photos?
  8. December 28
  9. Guys - just a warning.

    I landed on 17th November 2017. Was expecting my PR card around January 16-17.

    I heard nothing so I have been trying to find out more by submitting CSE (outside Canada so can't call).

    The eventualy replied (3rd attempt at contacting via CSE) and it turns out THEY DID NOT HAVE AN ADDRESS ON FILE FOR ME.

    This despite the fact I GAVE THEM A CANADIAN ADDRESS when I landed at Toronto Pearson, the guy even read it back to me to confirm it.

    They told me to submit ANOTHER CSE with the address. Which I have just done. God knows how long this will add to my wait!

    So, if anyone is more than a week past the expected arrival date for their PR card my advice is to call or email them ASAP. If I did not ask they were not going to request it from me - this could have dragged on more months.

    Honestly from applying for EE right through to actually getting the PR card has been an absolutely terrible experience with so many complications that could be avoided.

    Thankfully I have got the PR and I am glad of it but man - what an ordeal!

    Good luck to all!
  10. Landed on December 15 at Ogdensburg/Prescott border and nothing has changed on the account. Anyone else still waiting?
  11. Thanks for this sir - it turns out my case was EXACTLY the same as yours - I gave them my Canadian address at landing but they didnt put it on my file - what a total mess!

    I see you had your card approved very quickly after updating your address - when do you expect to receive it?
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  12. I landed on December 20 at at Ogdensburg/Prescott border and my Review of additional documents is changed to "The additional documents you provided have been uploaded" before 12-15 days ago but since then there is no chang on my account.
    Hopefully my application will approve in couple of days.
  13. Nope. Still no card. The lot dispatched from Jan 5-9 seems to have gone missing or something. What about you?
  14. co
    congrats man!
  15. wow...tats quick!! Jan 15th! I just saw Dec 28th got approved today!

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