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  1. Thank you for reply.
    But I showed all my proper documents like present salary slips and bank statement and IT returns and my marriage certificate because I am going for just honeymoon and my travel itenery everything. I already applied visa and also gaved my biometric on vfs office I got a mail that biometric verify conformation mail.
  2. Look this is just a public forum where the public simply express views based on information provided. You admitted both that you significantly overstayed in the US and that you did not mention anything about overstay in your Canada visa application. This may or may not affect your application nobody here can predict so you could be lucky and get an approval.

    Even with approval until you have successfully entered Canada as a visitor you could be found to inadmissible at the border, again nobody can predict. Ultimately there will always be a price to pay for remaining illegally in any country so you will just have to hope you get lucky.
  3. A visa is never guaranteed for a foreign national. It’s at the discretion of the country you applied to, regardless of the paperwork you submit. Decisions are based on multiple factors, including employment, financial means, ties to home country, reasons to enter the country and travel history. The paperwork you submit is simply documentation they request to aide in the decision making process.
  4. Hi Dears,
    I have submitted an online TRV application from Abu Dhabi 15th August as well as bio-metrics. Now 28 days passed and no update, it is normal. approximately how many days is taken for a normal decision.
  5. Posted times are estimates. It can take months depending on your application and the checks they do.
    Next time start a new post rather than hijacking someone else’s.
  6. I will, i were not aware that i have to start a new massage, thanks for your reply.

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