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Discussion in 'Visitors' started by haseebali, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. How come this email ? This email only received when you submit your passport at the VFS. If you didn’t submit any passport why they sending you this email ?
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  2. Many thanks for your appreciation.
  4. No idea i applied online passports still with me i think its mistake or new criteria.
  5. No update online still under process
  6. if you applied online so passport will be with you if they approve they will ask you to submit passport either you will get refusal letter Good Luck
  7. But online status is same there is no change still my application is under process.
  8. Hello any updates on your trv?any change in your acount?
  9. Got approves trv today
  10. Congrats Haseeb.. I applied on 14 dec 2018 and i received my passport on 15 jan 2019..
  11. Got passport today with trv visa validation till expiry of passport
  12. Need help vfs showing no records founds applied online on 30 nov...
  13. I applied online for trv on 17 january got biometric done on 1 February from vfs lahore office can anyone tell how much time will it take for visa application decision.
  14. No time can be given and did you recived biometrics confirmation letter in your cic account ?
  15. No i didnt recieved biometric confirmation letter from cic but the biometric number and expiry date other details are updated on my login.

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