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Discussion in 'Visitors' started by haseebali, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    My sister applied a paper-based application from Islamabad on May 7th, Got the Correspondance letter for biometric on 16th June however the biometric was submitted with application back in May. When should I expect the decision??
  2. Where can I see the status on the status login portal it just shows the dates not the actual status of background check or eligibility etc??
  3. how did you connect paper application to online account? what number you used ? I have tried multiple times but it shows no application found. we have submitted paper application on 30 May.
  4. Dear I have applied for Canadian Tourist Visa Online from Pakistan on 22 May 2019......Almost 38 days past but still awaiting whereas no update on portal. I cheaked processing time when I applied and it shows the accepted time up-to 36 days......still awaited....how much more days to wait???
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    Current time is 40 days and you also need to consider Eid holidays
  6. I want to know one more thing that if I applied Canadian tourist visa from Pakistan and in between the processing time visit to USA then Can my Canadian visa be embossed or pasted in passport from Canadian Embassy at New York or Washington subject to approval ?
  7. So should I accept my final decision to be conveyed in upcoming week 1-5 July???
  8. Can’t say :D
  9. Can any body explain that once I applied (online) for Canadian Tourist visa on 19 May 2019...then processing time from Pakistan was highlighted 36 days...but today 40 days passed and no response from authorities.
    Some body informed me that Canadian authorities trust more on paper based system as compare to online system......Is it ture?
  10. I applied paper based application on 3rd June I got the emails that it’s at IRCC under process so when I expect to get the verdict / final decision? If it’s 40 days mentioned do they always take 40 days or some applications are processed early ? As I have to attend a wedding at the end of July so I’m really worried
  11. i Have applied for TRV on 26-03-19 still Waiting for response Before i was checking with my tracking id it was showing under process now from 2 days whenever i check at vfs tracking it shows no record found.can anyone help with this issue
  12. Same thing is happening with me also i applied paper based applications along with my husband and 2 daughters on 15th march through VFS Lahore and it was showing under process till 30th june and today its showing no record found
  13. same thing is happening with me i dont know what to do i live in Lahore but i applied in Islamabad vfs
  14. are you from Lahore?
  15. Yes i m

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