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To all members - READ FAQ BEFORE POSTING!!

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by akk, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Finally Alberta made a good faq, which will help everybody with doubts.
    If your question is not there, then search for it on other posts and after searching if you cannot find it, then post your doubt so members can help you


  2. This helps, tnx dude!
  3. hey guys....

    did u see the FAQ Q. 24 : Do I have to live and work in Alberta ?
    the answer to this question not very specific....

    Alberta hotline specifically said they will not hold recepients from moving to other
    province .... but faq doesnt answer that categorically instead they ask FAQ reader
    to look at other province immigration option .... but while that seems to be a suggestion to AINP applicants
    although does not seem to be an assertion to recepients :)

  4. I really hope you guys aren't abusing this great program, and using Alberta as a trampoline to other provinces. We need a little honesty in here, if you don't have any intentions to live in Alberta, then look for other options. This program should be intended to people who do have the real intention to live in Alberta. By not being honest you are putting your own application in risk and of those who have good intention and may apply in the future (or you think they won't make changes in the future to stop this kind of behavior?)

    Instead of researching if you can move to another province as soon as you get there, why don't you start researching about job options, housing, and this kind of stuff?

    Again, if there's anybody who don't intend to live in Alberta, then look for other options - there are plenty - and don't take the chances of someone else who really wants to live in there. Let's be honest!
  5. It more of a matter of practicality and unforseeable circumstances than honesty...

    what happens if one moves to alberta and doesnt find a job for x months and
    then finds a job in neighbouring province ?

    what happens if one finds a job and is laid off and then finds a job elswhere ?

    such things can happen.... and then what must the PR holder do ?

    return his PR back or does CIC / AINP invalidate the PR ?

    also this the very nature of "PNP" as its very title suggest sounds like
    it is solemnized to the province

    while all recepients are urged to settle and live in Alberta,,,,, an element of practical
    modicum has to be expected....
  6. In those cases you mentioned the applicant can PROVE he/she tried to live in Alberta when they apply for citizenship...not a problem then...

    But you know that the situation here is that many people don't want to live in Alberta, and they are using ainp just a way to get in Canada. Those people will probably have problems when applying to citizenship (or renewing PR card) and they deserve it.


  7. Yes they thoroughly deserve it. If they need to settle in another province contact that province for nomination.Misusing a Provincial nomination should be punished.
  8. did they update this pdf this week?
  10. yes, please do not abuse this wonderful program. This is not a 'back-up' or 'go-to-other-province-thru-alberta' program...
  11. Hi,
    Is there anyone who has got the AINP and then he/she have tried to add the dependents in AINP certificate. If there is any could you guys tell me how long it takes to get new certificate with dependents included on it.
  12. Just fax the birth certificate to AINP and they will add these details in system While you send forms to CIC, you have to print new forms anyway because of current signature and you can update.
  13. There are some changes which can help move to Alberata faster after the nomination.


    If the Candidate is approved as a Provincial Nominee and they find employment in their field in Alberta, the AINP may be able to issue a letter of support that would help the Candidate start working in Alberta right away, prior to their application for permanent residence with CIC being finalised.
  14. No news there...It has always been this way....

  15. Do you know what they mean by "may be able"? Is it only in certain circumstances that they will write this letter? Does the person still need an LMO and a work permit or will the letter only help to speed it up?

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