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Thompson Rivers University PBD or Grad. Cert at Centennial College?

Discussion in 'Education' started by reds987, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. after how many dats ur visa got approved ?
  2. Hello, I got admitted to sprottshaw for sept 2018 and my visa was rejected for reasons of travel history and reason for traveling and family ties, even after my fees where paid, now I just admitted for 2019 January at TRU for a post baccalaureate international business and I want to reapply pls I need advise and suggestions tnx
  3. Another question I wish to confirm is age an issue now for studying in Canada, I am 40 and I've been working in the last 9years after graduation, I also would love my three kids with ages 5+--10 to join me as I go to study. Is it wise to state it in my application or wait till I get my visa and then apply for them cos in my last application I didn't say they will go with me but would love they visit with their dad when I'm settled. Pls I need all the advise so I Dnt make a mistake the second time cos the feeling of refusal is painful. For travel history I've travelled to Dubai and Senegal for vacation and biz so Dnt know why travel history is an issue
  4. Sprott shaw is a private college and would not qualify for PGWP. I assume your goal is to immigrate. TRU is not really an institution I would recommend either. Lots of money for little recognition by Canadian employers. Yes your age and the fact that you have 3 children will cause difficulties for your application. It would have to make sense based on your previous education and career to stop working and move to Canada to study. It will be assumed that you will try to bring your family although a visa is not guaranteed for the rest of your family when you study.
  5. Why don't you just get a work permit and then bring your kids to Canada instead?
  6. Hi u got visa

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