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Thompson Rivers University PBD or Grad. Cert at Centennial College?

Discussion in 'Education' started by reds987, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. hello guys i am really confused about where I should apply and any suggestions from you guys would be really helpful
    10th- CGPA 9
    12th- 87%
    Bcom hons from Delhi University (full time/regular)- Division 1 (67%)
    I will be appearing for IELTS in about 3 weeks time and I have no prior work experience as I just completed my graduation.
    My main aim is to get PR there and from what I know the longer the duration of my course better the chance I will have as the duration of my PGWP depends on the duration of the program. A 2 year program (16 months of study as 4 semester*4 months) course could get me a 2-3 years of PGWP.

    I have not been able to decide between the following 2 options-
    1. 2 year PBD in Finance at TRU
    2. 2-one year graduate cert. programs at Centennial College in International Business and Financial Planning/Corporate Account Management.
    I have chosen Centennial as from what I could gather it is one of the better reputed colleges in Toronto and overall it is considered good

    I also do plan to work part-time during the course to manage my other expenses so availability of decent part-time jobs is also important because okay I will be able to have 10000 cad for GIC to show I can cover my living expenses and I will be able to get an education loan for upto 20 lacs to cover for the tuition fees. My family income is roughly around 35l pa.

    There is not much of a difference between the tuition fees over the 2 years so that is not an issue really as anyway I will be taking an education loan but I cannot apply under SPP at TRU because its not a participating institution whereas Centennial is and I have read on some posts about visa being rejected due xyz reasons including finances but I have also read in other posts that getting PR after studying in British Columbia is easier than after studying in Toronto.

    What do you guys suggest where I should apply and what has a better prospect for the future in terms of both job placement and my case for pr and feel free to correct me if i was wrong anywhere about the information i have and add your own experiences which could be important for me

    * I am applying for Jan 2018 intake*
  2. BR


    Go for a Masters from a university anytime. Considering the rejections they are giving to Diploma based study permits.

    Also, this is true that in Ontario, PR process is slow, and in BC it is fast. But that doesnt mean that in Ontario, you don't get the PR.

    Keep exploring more as of now. Also, being an SPP applicant and non spp doesnt make any difference in your visa application. It just speeds up your process.

    If your ultimate goal is PR, try looking for University of Halifax, PEI, as these provinces have programs where you are done with your postgraduate studies and get the PR. Reason being, the population is very low in these provinces. But anytime, your masters from a public university will be given more value than a pg diploma from centennial. Whether it is a job prospects, or a PR application prospect or even a work permit prospect.
  3. Thank you for the reply sir.
    I actually did quite an extensive research about Universities and master degree programs and I even mailed universities but most universities require 4-year UG degree. Their requirement for Indian students was either a 4-year Btech or MA or Mcomm with at least a division 2 standing for it to be considered equivalent to a 4 year UG degree. Even though according WES a 3-year BCOM HONS from University of Delhi with a Division 1 standing is equivalent to 4 year UG degree in Canada but quite a few universities even said they do not accept WES credentials for post graduate admissions. However if you are aware of any programs that I might have missed out on where I am eligible to apply given my profile please feel free to share such information.
    *My IELTS score is L9 R9 W7 S7 overall 8*

    Although universities like University of Alberta said they do accept a 3-year ug degree from India but they require GMAT and work experience for admission into their master programs like MBA.
    University of Windsor has this Master of Management program where they do accept 3-year degrees with no gmat and work ex but require an academic standing of "at least" 73% and IELTS of 7 overall (ACCORDING TO AN AGENT I SPOKE WITH).

    Anyway I have applied for PBD in Accounting at Thompson Rivers University for January 2018 intake and I am waiting for the application to be processed.
    As for Centennial College (or any other SPP college in Ontario for that matter), I have decided against applying there because I did some more research and what I found was:
    1. Most of the business related Graduate Certificate courses are one year (2 academic semesters of 4 months).
    2. 2 consecutive one year Graduate Certificate/Diploma courses will not get you a 3 year PGWP. In this case the duration of your PGWP will be equivalent to the duration of the last program i.e 1 year. For a 3 year PGWP one has to get a masters degree (like MBA or MSc, atleast 8 months) along with a one year diploma/certificate or directly enroll into a master degree or graduate diploma/certificate program which is of 2 years in length.
    3. The only 2 year business related Graduate Certificate program offered at Centennial/Humber is Global Business Management and I think experienced users of this forum know well about it and must have come across "that" post by the member PISSED which is a real eye opener. Although Lambton College has a few 2 year business Grad Certificate programs with a co-op term in fields like Financial Planning Wealth Management, International Business Management, Supply Chain Management but it is not one of the reputed colleges from what I could gather.
  4. Hello
    I applied for PGD in accounting from Thompson Rivers University and I got my conditional acceptance letter two days ago. Now I am going to look forward towards next steps. The main question I want to put here is regarding accommodation. As I found it is really very costly to look up for campus hostels. So anyone who could suggest me something better out here would be a great help to me.
  5. hey buddy !
    I have also applied for the same course in the same university for the jan 2018 intake.
    How long did the university take to process your application? When did you apply?
    I have done some research on housing but mostly about bachelor or 1bhk apartments around the campus. I would suggest you to look up for Kelson Group Apartments in Kamloops. They have quite a few options you can look at in both single and sharing accommodation. Also search "apartments near tru kamloops" on google and open the google map link that comes up. Keep searching on Kijiji and Craigslist.
  6. Hey, thanks for the information.
    When did you apply? You must contact the university once as I applied on 28 August and received my CLOA on Sep 15.
  7. I had applied on 12th August and have not heard anything back yet which is very strange. I have contacted the university a few times and every time they say that the admission department is going through a very busy schedule and your acceptance letter is being processed as soon as possible. Is there someone particular at the university you had contacted ?
  8. Actually, I got their reply on time so I never get the chance to call them. Your profile is good. I am not getting what is messy out here. How did you pay them through credit card or wire transfer?
  9. hiiii. I also applied offer lettr in TRU yesterday. in how many days u got ur offer letter?
  10. hello
    I received my CLOA within 18 days. Did you apply for Jan 2018 intake?
  11. Hey
    Any latest updates regarding your CLOA?
  12. hey
    yes I got my CLOA on 28th September and I am now going to begin with the visa process and all. Did you find anything for off campus residence ??
  13. After visa, i will decide about this. did you apply for the visa ?
  14. yes.. applied for jan 2018
  15. CAN anyone suggest me which one is better pg Diploma in global business management from Conestoga or buisness course from tru University?

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