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Things to Do AFTER you Land in Montreal [Newcomers to CANADA]

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by XpressEnterprise, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. Things to Do AFTER you Land in Montreal [Newcomers to CANADA]

    1 )- Airport to Montreal Downtown
    If you are a single person, getting a $10 day pass will work just fine for you. You can take Bus 747 towards Centre Ville (transit time is around 45 to 60 min). If you have a family with loads of luggage, I would advise you book a Taxi/Cab. You can find almost all taxi cabs on Yellow Pages website. Make sure you tell them that you need a large transport. If you don't have an active sim card, use a free wifi at airport and Google Hangout app to call numbers (it's free).

    2 )- Renting Property- Temporary Accommodation
    In Montreal, if you are looking for a good property, there are few things you need to take into account:
    - Location : it is vital as you are new and it will take time for you to settle, so my advice is to take anything which is available near Metro train station. If you are looking for a place where 'Desi' people live, there are places where you can easily find them. There are many places where you can rent and I would be happy to tell you according to your location.
    - Lease : Most good premises have their leasing period starting on 1st of July and ending on 30th Jun next year. This is quite strange but that's how most of the properties work here. Good Properties have minimum lease of 1 year. You may also find premises such as vacational apartments, short term rentals or sublets where you can get a good deal if you look a bit harder.
    - Credit Check : This is done by landlord/agency who are going to rent you the place. This would basically tell landlord if you are financially stable and are able to pay rent on time. For more detailed information, CLICK HERE
    - Walkscore : Walk Score helps you find a walkable place to live. Walk Score is a number between 0 and 100 that measures the walkability of any address. This is very helpful if you are looking for a place. For more information, CLICK HERE
    - Safety : Since most of the houses are made of wood, you must understand the fact that there has to be proper safety management procedures set in place where you live. Stoves are mostly electric, however in my less than a month of stay, I have seen so many premises being burnt and cordoned off. So, you must also keep this in mind when looking for a new place.
    - Size : Quebec is a French dominant area. Here, properties are listed as 4 ½ which is equal to 2 Bedroom House/Apartment. MORE INFO would give you are better understanding of size and description of apartment.

    My View : For a family of 4, go for vacational apartment in downtown (for a month) by looking at Airbnb or HomeAway websites. Make sure to choose the right number of guests and dates. Book it for around 10 days or so and make sure it is near Berri-UQAM metro station. Once you are here, look for a nice unfurnished, 4 ½ (2 bedroom) apartment with a min. 1 year lease. If you are looking for anything cheap, you can get a 5 ½ (3 bedroom) apartment for $700 - $800 however it would be away from Metro train stations. If you want near stations, you can find Flats for $850 and above. Short-term rentals do not require credit checks however they can be expensive.

    3 )- Visit Service Canada

    Location : 200 Boulevard René-Lévesque O #034 Montréal, QC H2Z 1X4
    Nearest Metro Station : Place-des-Arts
    Time : Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
    Documents Needed : Passport, CoPR, CSQ, Address in Montreal

    Although there are around 10 Service Canada Offices in Montreal area, the downtown one is the main one. Always make sure you reach there exactly at 8:30am and you will not have to wait long. You need to get your Social Insurance Number to basically do anything in Canada. This must be secured and not to be given to anyone (except for banks, employer, etc). They will ask you to read data privacy T&C's. Your SIN might start from either 2 or 3 (reserved for Quebec residents). Officer will call family members in pairs and assist them with their SIN registration. They will also inform you that even if you change address, you don't have to inform them. You can walk straight from Metro station to Service Canada building, without coming out on the street.

    4 )- Bank Account
    You will find many banks all over Montreal area, however finding the right bank suitable for your banking needs is not easy. Many banks offer special packages for New immigrants, such as RBC Welcome to Canada, BMO NewStart Banking Plan, TD Canada New to Canada, Scotiabank's StartRight for Landed Immigrants and many other regional banks. Building and maintaining credit history is very important. Most banks also offer two types of credit cards. Secured and Unsecured. Most credit cards are unsecured, which means they don’t require a deposit as collateral in case cardholders can’t pay off their debt. Secured credit cards are designed for people with bad credit or no credit. Since these customers are considered a bigger risk for card issuers, they’re required to make a deposit. The deposit amount varies, but it’s typically equal to the credit card’s credit limit. For example, if the credit limit were $500, the deposit would also be $500. Most banks also offer safety deposit boxes free of cost for one year.

    5 )- Quebec Medical Registration
    At the Quebec Office in Airport, you were given appointment date & time for Regie De l'Assurance Maladie du Quebec (RAMQ). Make sure you arrive there on time. Over here, officer will make sure all applicants are present. You will be asked series of questions and given information regarding Quebec Health Insurance. Each applicant have to pay $10.35 for their health card. You will be given Reçu (meaning receipt) and Consentement Au Don D'Organes E De Tissus. You can keep the organ donation consent form with you and if you want, you can sign and send them later. There's a waiting period of 3 months before your Quebec Health insurance start. If you want private insurance, you can go on Association Canadienne Des Compagnies D'Assurances De Personnes Inc's website and find the registered institutions who can give you cover for 3 months. Generally speaking, if you arrive in Québec from outside Canada, even if you are a Canadian citizen, you will be eligible for the Québec Health Insurance Plan after a waiting period of up to 3 months following your registration. Apart from certain exceptions the Régie does not reimburse the cost of the healthcare received during the waiting period.

    6 )- Driving in Quebec - Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec]SAAQ
    (English: Quebec Automobile Insurance Corporation), is a Quebec crown corporation responsible for licensing drivers and vehicles in the province. They also have a license exchange program where you can just exchange your foreign country's full (Class 5) license with Quebec's License (but only with 12 countries listed under Quebec Foreign License Exchange Program). If not, you can drive for 6 months on foreign license, and then you have to apply for Quebec's License.

    7 )- Virtual Address - If you really are not sure if you have an address in Canada, there are two types of addresses which are available here. One is a Canada Post's POSTAL BOXES. The other is UPS Mailbox Services. Your PR Card cannot be delivered to Canada Post's Postal Boxes. However, I have spoken to UPS and they have told me that unlike Canada Post, UPS issue mailboxes in form of Apartment numbers and many people use it for receiving government ID's and PR cards. Since, it is generally taking PR cards 67 days to process, you will need to give an address in Quebec to Visa Officer which you have available for more than that date. You can also give a friend's or relative's address in Quebec.

    8 )- FREE French Courses for New Immigrants
    Immigration Quebec offer opportunity to new immigrants to take FREE french courses.Their programme, LEARN FRENCH IN QUEBEC offer landed immigrants to apply online at their website. Basically, you will need to submit a new application for admission. The processes involved are as follow:

    a) Opening a file
    b) Personalized request for supporting documents (document attached)
    c) Acknowledgment of receipt of your application (document attached)
    e) Request for supporting documents (document attached)
    d) Waiting for Immigration documents
    f) Documents received
    g) Confirmation of admission (document attached)
    h) Manual admission
    i) Notice of interview
    j) Notice of appointment (document attached)
    k) Confirmation of admission (document attached)
    l) Registration pending
    m) Confirmation of Registration (document attached)

    I'll try to update this guide accordingly. This guide is specific to immigrants landing in Montreal. This guide is made as per my personal experience. You can have difference of opinion.
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  2. Thanks a lot and really appreciate you taking time to write this info.
    I am sure it will help lot of us!!

    God bless !!

  3. Bro ty for the post i have some question

    Can u share smthing about custom tax on things, Many people say they charge many said they jus let u out.
    Having list of items we carry ll be amounted in Inr, Do we have to check on net how much it cost in canada?

    2. Do we have to give our adreaa for next 2 month stay in Airport also?

    3. Does Medical Insurances people take your medical exam again? Blood sample etc in canada? How much private insurance cost which covers basic health problems due to atmosphere change ?

    4. In how many Days you became totally free from all govt paper works?
  4. 1) I would suggest that you read my previous post here : http://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/quebec-investor-program-current-timeline-6-years-4-months-t204510.0.html;msg4220034#msg4220034 and I've explained in detail how everything went by. Everything you write in Goods with You and Goods to Follow must be in Canadian Dollars (you have to write their estimated price ... and they hardly check). We were not charged anything and our bags weren't even opened.

    2) You have to give one Quebec Address when you land (and it can be an apartment address or even your friend's home address). If you don't, you will have 180 days to provide CIC with the address. You have to use this link : https://services3.cic.gc.ca/ecas/?app=coanotify&lang=english. However, it's highly advisable that you provide them with address, otherwise your PR cards will arrive late.

    3) At airport, you will not go through any medical examinations whatsoever. Not a single needle will be inserted in your body (so, no need to panic!). Regarding private insurance, you can refer to Healthcare received during the waiting period and look for OLHI and get quotes directly from them. It depends on various factors (such as age, number of dependents etc) however it is going to be very expensive. You will be considered 'visitor' during those 3 months.

    4) This question is vague. Kindly tell precisely what government paperwork are you talking about? I can tell you a general overview that in average, it takes around 4 to 6 months to settle.
  5. Yes i have read your all post those r guiding us very well.
    About paperwork i was asking about SIN number, PR etc the main formalities.
    Actually My Parents Want to come back to India after all the ppperwork etc and they ll come back later after i settel down there.
    So i was thinking to book 2 side air ticket for them with gap of 80 days. Is that fine?
  6. Sin = Same Day
    Bank Account = Same Day
    Health Card = After 3 months
    Driving License = Appointment (+ Tests)
    PR Cards = Current Processing time is 83 days (mine is 82nd day today and I still haven't received it)

    I'm not sure if that would be fine. If they are going to travel and you haven't received PR card... they they can apply for PRTD from nearest embassy (cost is $50) or you bring PR cards of your parents ... by hand ... to them in India. (or send it via trackable post). However, I wouldn't advice on doing that.

    If you leave before 90 days, you will not complete your 3 months of waiting period and RAMQ will then put your parents back on waiting list of 3 months. Leave of 21 days is acceptable by RAMQ, but anything longer than that will reset health care clock to 3 months of waiting period.
  7. Ty for the info bro
    I heard that we can book 2 side ticket but without confirming the date of return this will give us benifit of round trip. So My Parents ll stay there unless we complete everything so that we didnt have to face any kind of trouble.
    My medical appointment is twomarroo morning :D
  8. Yeah. You can... Immigration Officers (IO) never ask you to show your tickets. On declaration card, it asks for duration of your stay here ... Don't mention anything there ... just keep it blank and present it to IO (he'll probably write IMM on it. )

    Best of luck for your medical examination.
  9. Bro i searched abt the area lil bit i saw that berri uqhm is at very gud place. ..servicr canada office and chinatown for shopping is gud place n they r all at walkin distance
    But i am lil confused abt room yet
    I am lookin fr 2 bedroom set with stuff too as i am going to stay there for 3 months so bed kitchen ll be gud...
    Can u suggest some place from whr i cn get market stuff and all eazily..
  10. If you would like all the 'Desi' people roaming around you, I would suggest you explore Jean Talon area between Parc and Acadie. This area is full of desi people and also desi shops.

    There were two main issues I was facing:

    - Most of the Apartment leases start from 1st of July
    - Lack of credit history

    Therefore, I took an apartment from Airbnb for a week (near Service Canada). Later on, started looking for apartment in Kijiji... I had to move into two temporary apartments (in 1.5 months) to finally find an apartment suitable for me. As I had no history, landlord asked for 3 months of rent in advance.

    I would advice that you look in Kijiji.ca and call landlords for the requirements. The postcode you might want to use as a reference point is H3N 1S2
  11. Thank you XpressEnterprise. I keep on saying the same but I really do appreciate your contributions to the immigrant fellows.

    Hoping I would get to use the advice in this thread soon.
  12. Bro i am lookin for a place which will be gud on pocket , with easy access to market n all , i m nt lookin for the total desi place as you also new in canada so ll knw what kind of easy thing i want :)
    i ll check the place you told me Ty
  13. I really appreciate your gesture. Glad I could be of much help.

    Brother, as long as you live near any Metro Station and you can pay for $82/month of Metro Monthly pass, you will not have problem living anywhere.

    Wherever you find desi people, you will also find desi shops suitable for your needs. Remember that Montreal is not like Toronto, so you will have to adjust a bit. Just don't stay in or around Downtown area, as it would be costly.
  14. Helloo Xpress bro Hope you are doing great over there
    Wanna Ask about any new update.
    About Work or living anything , you planned to settle down here or you are moving ?
    i heard that there are free french classes , you taking them ?
  15. Hi,

    sorry for the late reply, but was busy travelling.

    I've planned to settle in Montreal (or ... at least I am going to try settling and adjusting here first). I have been to Toronto ... but I still like Montreal.

    My family is going to start french classes soon.

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