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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Hopeful Canadian, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. From Canadavisa.com

    Federal Skilled Worker Qualifying Occupations may soon change

    The common way to qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker category of Canadian immigration is to have at least one year of work experience in a qualifying occupation; an occupation that Canada considers in high demand.
    The list of qualifying occupations for Federal Skilled Workers has been in place since the end of 2008. At that time, the 38 occupations included on the list reflected Canada's national and regional labour market needs. However, as the labour market evolves, the Canadian government and its provincial/territorial counterparts are evaluating the chosen 38 occupations and contemplating a review of this list.

    What does this mean for potential new applicants?

    If you have been thinking about immigration to Canada and you are qualified for a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa under the current selection system, then it is certainly in your best interest to submit an application now. Any changes that are made to the immigration regulations may make it more difficult, or impossible, for you to qualify in the future.

    Canada's Minister of Immigration has the authority to make changes to the immigration selection system in order to increase or decrease immigration numbers. As a general rule, such changes are made without any advance warnings or delay. So, if your occupation is currently one of the Federal Skilled Worker Qualifying Occupations (listed below), you would be wise to submit your application without delay, to avoid being subject to possible new government regulations.

    Please comment on this.

    Always Hopeful,

    Hopeful Canadian
  2. That is true they are changing the law. This is what DAVID confirmed while giving a hint in an email to me when i contacted for my evaluation for the category 4131.

    But there is another argument.. When a bill is to be passed in Canadian parliament, they would debate it for 6 months...due you think six months debate is over, and the time to implement the conclusion of the debate has come?
  3. That's true. It would take time to change the law. But it would take just an order by MR. Kenny to change the Occupation's List - so that would modify the syatem already in place.

    What do you think about that.

    Always Hopeful

    Hopeful Canadian
  4. This is an old post of mine from June 2009. It seems the information I was given was correct.

    Re: FSW applicants from May 2009
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    I dont want to alarm anyone. My Wife and I went to a seminar about Canadian Immigration in March 2009 and at that seminar we were told by several people including a Canadian Government Official that the list of 38 would be scrapped in the next few months.
    So get your file sent in a.s.a.p.[/color
  5. Recently I sent C.I.C London an Email enquiring about my application. In their reply they said.
    quote: Unfortunately, due to high volumes we are unable to give you an estimated time frame.

    Maybe they are over burdened with applications due to the global economic climate. Hence the need for a change in the rules.

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