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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Honeyaustin, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. Hi @legalfalcon
    Can you please advise me on what stage my application is ?

    AOR Feb 7th
    Medical pass 22nd March
    Biometrics completed 9th April.
    Got married in April
    ADR request for spouse 7th May
    Documents submitted 7th June
    GU 27th June
    Biometrics for spouse completed on 26th July.

  2. Dear @legalfalcon ,

    One important question, as I would be applying for eAPR in next few days, I'm stuck on one point that is related to my current job. Though I was working for my employer but I didn't get the salary from Feb 2019 onward i.e. for about 6 months no salary credited in my account due to some restructuring going on within the company. He has issued the Reference letter up to Jun 30, 2019 with my job duties but also mentioned that I will start working with him within next 90 days .
    Now, my question is; what should I mention in the application that I was working until June 30, 2019 or Feb, 2019? Since there is no salary credited after Feb 2019, in what ways this is going to impact my PR application? Apart from the Ref letter I don't have another document to show that I worked till Jun 2019. Please note, the employer is unable to pay the due salary or give anything in writing at this moment! I'm working with this employer from Aug 2014 onward.
  3. Dear legalfalcon

    I really need your help please to calrify for me why my File was transfered from sydney to london VO .

    I called CIC before 15 days they told me that eligibility met , criminalty half passed as biometrics were fine and info sharing completed .

    yesterday i called them they informed me that the file is In London VO .

    i m PNP outland residing in UNited arab emirates AOR 23 May 2019 (medical + biometrics completed).

    i approached you because i trust what you always post in the forum and i learnt a lot From you.

    thanks in adavance
  4. Thank you so much @legalfalcon. I am much grateful for your time and consideration. You're right that I should be patient.
    Just one more favour I need.
    Please could you add me to may aor WhatsApp group.
    My num is 91-7973952721
  5. Thank you so much @legalfalcon. I am much grateful for your time and consideration. You are awesome.
    You're right that I should be patient.
  6. Good morning @legalfalcon

    I am a single mum that applied with my daughter. I included the full custody paper for my daughter as well. I have ordered 2 gcms notes and my eligibility is “recommended passed” for a year now. Criminality still in progress and security not started. My file has not been touched since September 2018. My AOR is July 22nd 2018. I have been calling once a month and my MP follows up as well. I keep getting application is in process. I have not been asked to submit any additional document.

    I called last week and agent said there are no concerns on my file and daughter as well.

    I decided to order gcms notes for my daughter last month. I am meant to receive it on Friday and I got a letter asking for consent letter from both parents or a notarized custody agreement. I intend to submit the notarized custody agreement tomorrow. My daughter is 5 years

    My questions

    1. If there are concerns with the custody paper or any documents in regards to my daughter, will I see it on my gcms notes?

    2. When the agent told me that she didn’t see any concerns, is an agent able to see the dependents application as well?

    3. My understanding is that her application is tied to mine. If there are concerns with hers, won’t they tell me by now after a year or the MP at most?

    The due date on my file is August 13th 2019 which is exactly a year my medical passed. The agent said that the VO will pick up my file on said date and hopefully there will be some movement.

    Thank you for your help as always.
  7. Dear @legalfalcon ,

    I have been nominated by BC and in work exp section as per the requirement I had mentioned it for the last 10 years. However, in my EE profile I had mentioned my entire work history i.e. for 16 years (no Personal history tab was there), now in my eAPR both the Work History and Personal History tabs are separate. If we consider about fetching points for work than we can get the same only for up to 6 years and also, can mention the personal history for 10 years.

    So my question is, for my eAPR Work History; can I put only up to 6 years or 10 years or the entire work period of 16 years in the respective column? Since I had mentioned 16 years in EE profile now I can mention the details in LoE. Please advice the best in this scenario. Thank you!
  8. Hello @legalfalcon. I logged in my account today and status said: "Profile updated". The review of additional documents that previously said: "We are reviewing the additional documents you provided", now says "Not applicable". This is a good sign, right?
    I was on RR for foreign experience documents and had an ADR on April 19, 2018.
  9. #9879 SK_Regina, Aug 9, 2019 at 12:38 AM
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2019
    Dear @legalfalcon ,

    I applied and visited on TRV to Canada in May 2018 and that time I filled my designation as Software engineer (no duties or NOC there), however, I applied for a job in BC and got selected in Dec 2018 from India & the designation I mentioned was - Software & Network Administrator (duties were of noc 2281, Network administrator). I got nomination and now filing my eAPR and the designation mismatch strikes to my mind.

    Please note, in ref letter the duties are of NOC 2281 (Network Administrator) that I secured from my employer.

    Could you please advice, what could be the best solution here:

    1. If I go ahead with this mismatch in eAPR & explain in LoE the changes; how this will impact my application?

    2. Can I take another letter from my employer in back date; for e.g in June 2018 that designation has been changed from Software engineer to Network Administrator?

    3. Any other best solution for this problem!

    Thank you.
  10. Dear @legalfalcon,

    Thank you so much for helping all of us on this forum.
    I am about to apply for permanent residency (through paper-based PNP) but I am concerned about one of my past applications.
    When I filled the form about countries where I lived for more than 6 months in my work permit application in the past, I put my status as citizen for one of the countries. The problem is that I did acquire citizenship of that country during my stay there but for part of the stay I was not a citizen and i did not realize at that time that I should have put 2 periods of time: the time when I was a citizen and the time prior to that when I was considered a foreign national.
    Now in the background schedule A for the PR application I am going to put it the way it should have been but I am concerned that if they look at previous application they will see I did not put it that way (I put citizen for the whole period of my stay in that country).
    Should I explain that in a letter of explanation or it is not necessary and if it raises a flag I will explain it only then ?
    Thanks for your help
  11. Dear @legalfalcon,
    I just got an update on my application by calling ircc. They told me that my security check has been in place since May 28th. AoR is Feb 11 2019. I'm assuming I'm in ss since I was requested my CV on May 28th and till now my application is in process and security is pending. Can you please let me know if it's a clear sign of being in security screening.?
  12. Dear @legalfalcon

    I have decided to order gcms notes and want to clarify few details before proceeding. I applied through an immigration agent and as of 10 Aug 2019 my status are as follows.
    Eligibility: Pass
    Criminality: Pass
    Security: Commenced wef 06 Aug 2019

    My agent has been handling my case well but does not update me regularly. Above statuses were confirmed by Hon. Ralph Goodale and my agent notify me only if any ADR is requested. I also dont have the access to mycic since my agent only created it.

    My agent has been really supportive except for the updates, which leaves me clueless sometimes. Also i don't want to damage the relationship with them.

    So my main question is if I order gcms through getgcms will they get to know about it?
  13. When you request GCMS notes, your authorised representative doe snot know about it. The GCMS notes are released and sent to you at your email you provided when you placed the request.

    There is no notification sent to your lawyer or representative.
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  14. Dear legal falcon,

    please i need your inputs .

    and sorry again for the inconvenience
  15. Hello @legalfalcon. Is it possible that the security part of the process get started before eligibility is cleared? Technically I should be in IP2 due to the background statement on my profile ("We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information."). However, I believe my eligibility just got cleared this past week (Review of additional documents changed from "We are reviewing" to "Not applicable").

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