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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Honeyaustin, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. Thanks,
    I guess this is where I get stuck,
    Brother has no government issued document to show his parents details. Passport shows just his details. Needs to apply to government dept to get it. I have all the required documentation to show parents details. i.e birth certificate.
    Will this pose a problem when applying for visitors visa? Is there anything else I can add like an affidavit? Or could this be grounds for refusal of visitors visa?
  2. Thank you for your reply. According to online status My medical is passed. It changed on Aug 7. Please could you guess how many days could be taken for PPR.
    Thank you
  3. @legalfalcon : i have a question regarding PoF. My bank account has a large amount ~45k USD which ive saved over couple of years as i worked in US for last 2 years.

    I am showing the complete 12 month statement showing the deposit ive made over the 12 months and it is stamped by the bank.

    6 months ago i had about 30k USD in my account and then i kept adding 2-3k a month from my salary account .

    Do i need to worry about if CIC will interpret as a borrowed money ? How do i handle this?
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    Hi.. it sounds like kind of a relief that this answer is coming from you. Will I be risking my application in any way at all? Only because without being nominated by bc pnp express I would not have been able to get my federal ita. I used my previous India one year work experience and then job offer letter from here for my pnp. I have completed 8 months here in this company. Someone on this forum was telling me that they left the job right after PPR due to similar circumstances. The employer complained which led to his PR being revoked after PPR as they immediately deducted 600 points and he was no longer eligible for pr. And knowing my employer, they will definitely reach CIC/BCPNP and let them know that I left the job. Please advise.
  5. Awesome! Thanks much @legalfalcon :)
  6. Hello,
    I received the request for additional med. Test after up-front medicals were sent by panel physician. At that time I hadn't applied yet. However, before doing additional exam I applied for PR and received AOR. Later I did those tests and my panel physician uploaded to IRCC.
    What should I do in this case?
    Should I sent the recent e-medicals via mail to that medical office of IRCC from which I received the request or wait till IRCC asks for updated e-medicals to be sent to them?
    Any ideas?
  7. @legalfalcon : Hi Guys,

    I made a mistake while filling my EE profile (Wrongly mentioned NOC 2146) in one of my designation (While it was 2173)

    I have 4 designation all under 2173 and all in same company.

    I just realized this while i was filling my PR application. Please help i am really nervous.

  8. To show relationship you need a government issued id, an affidavit will not work.
  9. See
  10. @legalfalcon : any help bro? I have explained this in NOC and the mistake was in just one work entry and all other 3 were correct.

    I have explained it as human error in LOE and corrected it in PR form . Would that suffice?
  11. @legalfalcon
    Please can you give advise for my situation
  12. Not an issue. You can change your NOC post ITA as long as it does not affect your CRS score.
  13. There is no guess work. Each application is different, and just because one application was processed in 4 months does not mean that others will also be.

    See https://www.getgcms.com/blog/express-entry-application-processed/

    Consider requesting GCMS notes, or you can wait it out.
  14. Thank you so much man . I was so worried . It didn’t alter my score at all .
  15. Dear
    I just got the CUTE mail to submit my passports in Islamabad. Thanks for your reply. You are always helpful for everyone.
    Now I have 1 question for you. For last 4 months Im out of Pakistan. I informed CIC about this. They asked to submit new address details online in my application as well which I did. Now they asked me to submit passports in Islamabad. My question is what should I do now? What I have assumed is that I would submit my passport in my current country of residence and my family members would submit in Islamabad. Please advise me.

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