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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Honeyaustin, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. Hi @legalfalcon i called cic and they said my eligibility is not fully done and waiting for review and on the other hand they said my background check is processing!! Can you please help in this
  2. For the tracking number see - https://www.getgcms.com/blog/tracking-gcms-notes/
    This post is also applicable for CBSA and CSIS notes. The tracking number is provided to you and you can contact CSIS or CBSA directly quoting the number to enquire about the status, but it is recommended that you let GET GCMS handle that, as they have direct emails for ATIP officers, and also will avoid any duplicity.

    Usually CSIS will complete its checks, and submit its findings to CBSA, who will then do it verifications and submit the entire bunch to IRCC. In a nutshell, both work parallel to each other, however, CBSA taken longer. CSIS and CBSA only make recommendations and it is ultimately upon IRCC to make a decision on that.
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  3. No, these changes will have no impact on your CRS. However, make sure that your start date and end dates of your education do not overlap with your work, for which you are claiming points, if the work and education was in Canada.
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  4. By review required, they are simply deferring the decision to the Officer to make a conclusion on the eligibility. A visa refusal has no impact on your PR process, if the refusal was not because of fraud or misrepresentation.

    As regards your prior PNP application to the Province, no need to worry.

    Keep a track on your application, and request GCMS, and see what the Officer has to say.

  5. The eligibility takes place in 2 stages. First an program assistant or analyst will review an application and then the recommendation is reviewed by an officer who makes a final determination. This stage is also the longest, barring any security or SS. So the final determination is what is pending for eligibility. Since your Eligibility is recommended passed, your file may have been sent for BGC.
  6. Hi @legalfalcon

    I queried this on some other thread too. Can you please advise.

    I had applied for PR through EE in Mar 2017. We had my stepson added to my application who won't accompany us to Canada and since we were not able to provide his medical the file got delayed.
    Finally now in the month of June NDVO asked me to provide declaration to exclude my stepson from the application which we provided on 19th June and on 21st June, first time ever I saw my medical status as passed. I did receive a status update mail that day post which I checked the cic account and saw the medical passed.

    Now my query is if they have accepted to exclude my stepson which I think they have based on medical status, do they remove the my stepson from my application or will it still show on my CIC account. I have no other issue pending and awaiting my PPR however I still see my stepson as dependent included in cic.

    Please advise
  7. 1. You are correct that the Doctor is responsible to refer you to the lab that will do the tests. You should insist that the doctor recommend you the lab. If he does not, then you can get it done somewhere close to you. Maybe since you are not close to him, he asked you to get it at a location close tot you.

    2. The Emils only wants you to get the tests, not the results. After the tests, the Physician will send a compliance report to IRCC, and later when the results are in will send the results. Discuss this with your physician. If he does not agree, then get the tests, give him the confirmation, and ask him to give you a confirmation, which you can send to IRCC.

    3. Raise a CSE, that is the way to go, or you can send an email to CPC Ottawa.
  8. I am not sure what reason you have provided to not being able to provide the medicals for your step-son. If IRCC has agreed to exclude his meds, then still his name will appear on the file, as a non-accompanying dependent.

    Since I am not clear, who the PA is, and who is the biological parent in the application, I cannot comment more here.
  9. I am the PA and the my hubby is the biological parent and the exclusive custody is with the exspouse of my husband. We did provide a detailed letter of explanation along with phone call details, messages details, and an affidavit from a common relative of my husband and his exspouse, who actually went in person to talk with them and was denied any help. We have given all this and had requested to exclude my stepson from the application. After which we received a request from NDVO to sent a notarised affidavit as per format they provided. After we submitted this affidavit within two days the medicals was cleared.

    My Gcms generated on 29/5/2018 shows security done. And only eligibility in process.

    The request for affidavit from ndvo(12/06/2018) and subsequent changes to the cic account with respect to medicals (21/06/2018)
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    Many thanks @legalfalcon.
    I emailed getgcms to inquire about any updates for my CSIS notes. Their response was since CSIS letter mentioned that my SS was still under process two months ago, I wont receive my notes and will need to lodge and pay for a new CSIS application?!? For some reason I assumed that they will release the notes once there done hence I already paid.
  11. Thanks @legalfalcon. My education and work is not from Canada. But my education is part time and it overlaps with work. So then no problem there.
  12. Hi @legalfalcon
    Need your advise pls.
    My AOR is November 9th 2017
    PNP-Outland.Visa office-London.
    Received GCMS notes on June 15th.

    Eligibilty: passed on 9th April
    Admissibilty section : s.15(1) on top and security type 1&2 (me & spouse).
    In Notes there is a text as
    "Addresses & background info reviewed including all sub-tabs"

    Last week i got a reply from london visa office saying that my file is awaiting a final review with a migration officer.
    What could be the current status? Is there any chance of SS?
  13. Did you see s15(1) at the top right corner in blank pages and in activities any retracted activities?
  14. I don't have any blank pages.S.15(1) on the top right corner of admissibilty page and there is only a blank space between me & my spouse security activity.
  15. Hope you will get ppr soon.

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