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Oct 19, 2017

My AOR is DEC, 21. I got ADR for FBI PCC which uploaded on Feb,09. Its still showing this..

Review of medical results: You passed the medical exam. (DATE: Jan 9, 2018)
Review of additional documents: The additional documents you provided are being reviewed.(Responded: Feb 9,2018)
Background check: Your application is in progress. We will send you a message when we start your background check.

Can plz guide me me how much time will it take to see some movement? is it normal or should i consider ordering GCMS notes?


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Mar 10, 2017

Dear Legalfalcon,
Hope you can help me with an ADR issue. I recieved a letter from CIC requesting a new Schedual A with my signature 4.5months into the application.
My first question is there is two forms eIMM 5669 and IMM5669. I assumed the first is for spousal application. correct?
The other issue is with Validating, Signing and Adding additional sheets.
I don't have a Validate option although I'm using Adobe PDF DC latest version. Im not able to add my name as a signature and im not able to insert additional sheets to cover my travels...Any input from your side would be highley appreciated


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Feb 11, 2017
When did your R10 pass and what is your AoR?
R10 passed on 28th June'17 and AOR is 16th May'17. Eligibility passed on 26th July while criminality and medical on 28th June. My BGC started on 2nd Aug. I'm an Indian national.
Should I order both CSIS and CBSA notes or just CBSA notes? Pls advise. I'm anxious...


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Jul 14, 2016
Hi @legalfalcon

I got AOR in Jan 2017. Under Security Screening since May 2017. Have passed eligibility, medical, and criminality. Made ATIP requests to CSIS and CBSA to find out about my security screening process. CISIS sent me a CD that indicated my file was completed with them. CBSA said they could not respond to my request, so I contacted my MP's office. They talked to CBSA and were told that CBSA has no open file for me and that the security stuff is likely going on at IRCC.

Is it possible that IRCC does not consult CBSA for a file that is selected for SS? Or does this mean that my file is being stuck and still has to move to CBSA for further security screening? I am already in my 14 month, and I cannot imagine how longer this could take. What is your opinion and recommendation?

Thanks a lot!


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Jul 9, 2017
App. Filed.......
Doc's Request.
Hi @legalfalcon,

Thanks for your answers. I just received PPR today.

May i know how to update my residential address at this stage?

Do i need to use web form given only 30 days to submit my passport or send an email to CIC ? If latter, may i know the email address?



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Feb 8, 2016
It depends on what stage you add your spouse. If you add after your eligibility is passed its just a few weeks process. If you add earlier, it takes more time. Have you requested your GCMS notes?
I just received my GCMS notes it says:
eligibility =passed
security= not started
criminality= in progress
info. sharing= in progress
medical= passed

location= PV2 off rev (what does that mean?)


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Nov 3, 2016
Dear @legalfalcon ,
I received a procedural fairness letter from my LVO. I got ppr in august after 22 days from aor but after the embassy asked for an interview and then identity verification and then sent me to security screening after some time and now this letter their concerns are about my very good language how did i acquire it although that's why they asked for an interview and it went very well and she said i will issue you the visa then they dismissed me from the embassy for more verifications. In the letter she asked for contact details about people taught me english as i said i work with british people and grabbed their british accent and she said how did you acquire this accent and i want to confer with your colleagues although i meant i have to speak English several hours a day and that made me a strong English speaker.

their second concern about why i look different in my pictures although they asked for an new national ID and it was issued and they could confirm its me.

3rd concern about my employment they went to the head office address on ref.letter and they found no sign and no one answered and the phone wasn't ringing. About that the company has registration records and tax records and a contract but it's a Web based business and my employment was all online but it's legal and they have official papers from the government and that time the owners weren't at place and the phone was under maintenance and they said the building isn't finished so I called my.employer and she replied the building is complete but it was maintenance for applying a new elevator and the phone is fixed now and she offered providing me with some of the company's tax stubs with governmental stamping to ensure its existence.
They asked for a detailed description of how i do teach online and how i can teach in person while i work on a computer. wanted to ask you how should I reply about all that I am confused after all that effort,time and stress and some of their inquires just looks racist to me as i am being framed to be someone with limited abilities. Please help
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May 16, 2017


I received my GCMS notes today.

Reading them I realized why my application is being delayed.

My eligibility says review required. The case officer says the email id of my employer mentioned in my work experience letter is different from the employer's website. Additionally GCMS notes say web search confirms the employer information but the name of my boss who signed the letter is different on the organization website. But the case officer also acknowledges that the information given on organization website is 4 years old. I checked online and ofcourse my employer has old information on their website.

Not sure how to deal with it. Should I get a new experience letter, which will be really hard to ask for the second time?

Or I should provide CIC pay stubs, Tax returns, and job offer letter.

The GCMS notes were a shocker to me.

I have all my employment documents on my hand. But not sure how to proceed now.

Any suggestions would be of great help.



Feb 13, 2018
Hi Legal Falcon

Need your expert opinion. At what stage CIC transfer the file to respective VO. My AOR is Dec 1st, 2017. Submitted with LOE for FBI PCC. Uploaded FBI PCC on 13th Feb, 2018. ie., exactly on the due date. Received a letter from CSE that my file is with VO. Can you confirm whether it would have been transferred way back in Dec or in Feb after submission of the pending PCC. Thanks in advance


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May 30, 2015
NOC Code......
Job Offer........
App. Filed.......
Doc's Request.
AOR Received.
Med's Request
Medicals Passed
I received PPR on Feb 19. I am going to submit the Passports on Monday, Feb 26. I want to know if it is fair to send the same photo that I had submitted last year with my application.

Any suggestion?


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Mar 6, 2013
Hi @legalfalcon
I received AOR on 9th Feb., 2018 and got application cancellation on 19th Feb., 2018 with following reason:

"The Police certificate from [my home country] was issued prior to your last residence in that country. The Police certificate was issued on February 19th, 2016. Your last residence in this country was July 10th, 2016"

Now, the issue is they misinterpret or misread the PCC, this Feb. 19, 2016 is the date of issuance of my Passport with my passport no. and the date of issuance of passport is of Jan. 2018 mentioned at the top right corner of PCC.

So, to explain this I raised a CSE so that they can review my cancellation and continue the application process.

However, I got this reply on my CSE:

"Good day Muhammad Imran,

Thank you for contacting Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

We have verified the information you provided. For further information regarding your enquiry, please consult the correspondence sent to you on February 19, 2018, via your online account.

To access it, please:

  • Log into your account, and
  • Click on the appropriate Check status and messages button under the View my submitted applications or profiles section.
If you are still experiencing difficulties, we invite you to fill out the IRCC Web form and include:

  • Screen shots of your account showing the:
    • Welcome Page,
    • sections titled View my submitted applications or profiles and Account messages.
We will be pleased to answer your enquiry once we receive this information.

We hope the information provided is helpful in assisting you with your enquiry.

We would also like to suggest the following online services that might be helpful to you with any immigration, refugee and/or citizenship future requests:

Now, from above response I interpret that they are not reviewing my CSE because my application was cancelled because the correspondence they are referring to dated 19th Feb., 2018 is the correspondence with which they informed about cancellation of my application.

Kindly advise, should I forget about this application and make new express entry profile or should I call them and contest on this unfair cancellation of my application.

Thanks in advance.



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Dec 24, 2017
Hi @legalfalcon - can you please have a look here an let me know your thoughts?

My wife is a primary applicant and the below work experiance we are planning to mention in EE profile.

Claiming 6+ years of experience (all in 1 company):
  1. HR Administrator - Jan 2011 (NOC 1223) - Human resources and recruitment officers
  2. HR Office - July 2012 (NOC 1223) - Human resources and recruitment officers
  3. Regional L&D Manager - Jan 2016 (NOC 0112) - Human resources managers
  4. Group L&D Manager - July 2017 current (NOC 0112) - Human resources managers
So my question is:
  • Is it ok if we choose her current NOC as a primary (0112)?
  • If so, the experience in current NOC is only 2+ years but we are claiming 6+ years (which is based on entire work experience). Confused!
Surly the reference letter will make a distinction between the different duties/responsibilities performed.

Will appreciate if someone can confirm that we are OK here.
Many thanks!