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Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by noosh, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. Hi Noosh,
    Thanks for the suggestion. I have already emailed the VO but still no reply. Anyway, will just keep waiting and hope that i can receive a positive reply
  2. Hang in there Bonj8, let's try to be cautiously optimistic about your situation. If they have made their final decision before June 19th, it would be safe, or if you have passed selection criteria before February 11th. When was your medical request received? After submitting our passports it took a month or less to get it back. Hopefully you will hear something soon to end this uncertainty.

    @ Hardeep, I would personally not assume that no CIC response equates to cases not being be affected. Certain VOs are slower than others.
  3. Hi Noosh,
    I dont know if they already made a final decision regarding my case. What i receive from the embassy last june 17, 2014 was an email requesting me to submit our passports and pictures. I cannot verify the status of my case on the cic website coz they already removed that option. Last time i was able to check my status was early june 2014. It shows that the embassy already received my medicals sometime may 2014(forgot the date). I then receive an email(instruction re investment). After VO was able to verified the investment, they emailed me the passport request. I really hope to hear some update from the embassy coz it will be a month on july 23 since i submitted our passports. Thanks
  4. Don't worry Bonj8, you have already received passport request. That means your visa is ready to be stamped on your passport.
  5. they harassed millions.

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