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Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Aarav5, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone
    I need urgent advice on supervisa application..,
    I applied for my mother's supervisa application online from Canada on July Ist 2017 . She is in India.
    It's over 2 months now but nothing is happening....m stressed....
    Any reason why there is delay....

    Anybody who can advise much appreciated!!!

    Many thanks
  2. This is a perfectly normal timeline. There is no delay. The current estimated processing time for super visas from India is 66 days. The keyword is 'estimate' because actual processing could take longer.

    Has your mom received a request for medicals or did she do upfront medicals?
  3. Thx for prompt response.
    We submitted my mothers e-medical upfront with application.
  4. It is correct. Super Visa take much longer than Travel Visa. Hope you will get it approved soon.
  5. I received below email this morning frm immigration on my mother 's super visa :

    Further medical information is required before a decision can be reached. Details have been sent to your eMedical file regarding the medical information required. Please return to see the Panel Physician who performed your immigration medical examination or to another eMedical enabled Panel Physician (http://www.cic.gc.ca/pp-md/pp-list.aspx). The Panel Physician will arrange for the additional medical tests to be carried out and will forward the results directly to this office.

    When my mother had medical in June 2017 and I enquired with hospital and they said everything is fine and forwarded.
    Doctor did ECG as she had High BP on that day just bcoz of anxiety...she is not on any medication for High BP.
    This email doesn't show what tests r needed...

    M way more stressed....medical is most important thing for Canada immigration...
    Anybody experienced this kind of situation....

  6. High BP may/may not be a reason for medical furtherance. Additional tests could be requested for reasons that may/may not be caused by high BP.

    Have you inquired with the physician about these tests?

    Don't worry
  7. Why did she have to wait for 88 days to receive a request for additional medical test?
  8. I just received email early this Mrng.
    Also in the email it says this is further reference to post mail sent on 23rd June 2017.
    My mother had medical on 15th June 2017 and I applied her application online on 30th June .
    She's didn't receive any paper mail(postage).
    This is confusing...why immigration wil send paper mail for further medical..also before I apply for her case? ?Any idea Bryanna...pls advise

    It was too late to call in India. I will be calling their daytime..
    Thanks for ur all help Bryanna.
  9. Yes, IRCC does send requests for medical furtherance by post. Guess the letter was sent based on the medical report submitted by the panel physician.

    You could email the visa office to inform that you did not get the letter which was sent by post + contact the panel physician to do these additional tests.

    I would recommend your mom does these tests ASAP
  10. Snail mail for additional tests request instead of email? wow so if the mail got lost, the applicant will wait for ages for nothing and can only ask them for update after the average processing time has passed which is around 2.5-3 months.
  11. Yeah...I will be ringing tonight to get apmnt with the same doctor.
    My mother 's super visa got approved today ...BEST DAY EVER

    I couldn't locate address for Jalandhar (Punjab) office to submit passport... please advise
    M sooooo happy
  13. Also please advise my mother need approval letter and passport?
    Any other document?
    Any passport submission fee??
  14. Super fantastic news :):) Happy it worked out well for you.

    Here's thee address of VFS Jalandhar:
    Canada Visa Application Centre
    Aman Plaza, 3rd Floor, 310 Lajpat Nagar,
    Mahavir Marg, Nakodar Chowk
    Opposite to Lovely Autos, Jalandhar-144001

    Hours of Operation:

    CVAC Opening time: 08:00 – 17:00

    Your mom must submit her passport + passport request letter + VFS consent form + authorization letter (if the passport is submitted by someone else) + VFS fees
  15. She will be submitting by herself...she's super excited....her furtherance medical was holding everything up ...after she had medical done and she got application approved within 5 working days...I wish in future for medical issues they should send email not post mail as my mother never received any postal mail .

    Couple of questions:

    Will they provide VFS consent form? Any guess on VFS fees please?

    Many thanks

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