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Supervisa for mother refused

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by mystique9999, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. I've just received a letter from CIC refusing a supervise for my mother. The reasons for rejection are:

    -You have not provided sufficient documentation to support your / your host's income and assets.
    -Minimum low income cut-off (LICO) not met.

    I had submitted by bank statements and paystubs for the past 3 months (I am newly employed). What else should I have submitted for this application?
  2. You missed submitting at least one NOA. We have seen a number of super visa refusals for this reason
  3. what is a NOA?
  4. NOA = Notice of assessment
  5. Thank you for your reply :)
  6. How do I get an NOA? Does it come from my employer? I usually get my paystubs by email. When can I expect to get a NOA?
  7. The NOA is issued by the Canada Revenue Agency to show the amount of tax paid in the previously filed tax year.
    The LICO assessment is based on the figures in that document.
  8. You will only get NOA after you filed income tax.
  9. You were warned that this was likely to happen. You have only recently settled in Canada.
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  10. Yes. But I took the risk because there have been cases of my acquaintances doing the same and getting approved. That's why I made the attempt.
  11. It was a completely avoidable refusal.... if you had considered the advice here:

    Unless one has seen the complete application + the visa counterfoil stamped in the passport, I would not listen to anecdotal advice
  12. That's OK Bryanna. I have very limited time as my mom is quitting work and is planning to leave her country of residence early next year. So I was trying to get things in place asap.

    I will reapply once I get my NOA iA.
  13. Just want to confirm that your mother can't move to Canada even with a supervisa. She will actually have to go back home to apply for aa supervisa. At the earliest that will be early next summer. She will be expected to show ties to her home country.
  14. You may want to reconsider the previous advice: To apply for a TRV instead especially as her employment is one of her strong ties currently. She can apply for a super visa later even when she has a valid TRV
  15. She already has a multiple entry 10 year TRV Bryanna. I just don't want to end up in a situation as faced by user pooja1682.

    My plan is to receive my NOA and then reapply for the supervisa. If things go well and she is able to give her medical in her country of residence before leaving and it is approved, perhaps we can consider sending her passport for stamping at Ottawa like user se7en did.

    Any idea if she can give her medical in Canada if requested by CIC?

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