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Super visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by RidziS, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. I am doing super visa processing for mom and dad from India ,all the checklist documents are ready and they will be soon going for their medical exam, and already got medical Insurance also but i have a quick question about finances showing

    So i am showing $15000 on my canadian acc and just wondering how much should i show in my parents account? And will that be individually shown or combine bank statements?

    I want to know how much funds will be sufficient for visa to be approve?
    And plzzz give me all possible advices and precautions i should take before applying to get the visa for them.
  2. Your income should be from LICO for 3 people if you are not married. So around $37000 per year.
  3. Yes im married to all together our yearly is $54000 per year
  4. So for 4 people its $46,362 per year. You must provide NOA for proof of income.

    Your parents will need to provide the following documents from their end.

    1) They will need a valid passport
    2) bank statements, Property, any other investments they have, Basically all ties to their place of residence,
    3) If they has any other children that reside with them I will need proof of that
    4) I will need proof of other visa`s they have and other trips they have gone on
    5) I will need proof that they are your parents
    6) Copy of their national Identity card
    7) bank statements must cover last 6 months
    8) If they are employed. We will need proof of their employment.
    9) if they owns a company we need their business docs including commercial registration, corporate bank statement and tax certificate.

    From the host I need

    1) Job letter
    2) Super visa insurance
    3) Passport copy
    4) Proof of property
    5) Notice of Assessment
    6) Bank Statements 3 months savings

    So my question is does funds matter for my parents account?if yes then minimum how much indian rupees should i should in their account? Apart from my 15k$
  6. Supervisa financial is dependent on the host's income which is you. Your parents must show strong ties to their home country on their end.

  7. Yes

    So u think 15k$ its fine to show at my side and they may have $6.5k in their accounts and ofcourse i showed that as we are a big fam so my dad have 4 children's n 2 wifes plus his own house and job their -

    How much chances i may have to be approved
  8. Approvals is depended upon your parents home ties and travel histories. Hard to say but just provide all necessary documents and show strong home ties then you should have no problem in getting approved.
  9. Only your mother and father will be able to come to Canada so his other wife and children will have to remain in your home country. You will have to determine if you can afford the additional costs of supervisa insurance, food costs, etc.
  10. 1. His married children will not be reasons to return to India
    2. If his property is co-owned with someone else then again not a reason to return
    3. If he is willing/can take a sabbatical from work then that is not a strong tie too.

    Do keep in mind that only the wife who is your biological mother can be invited for a super visa. Hopefully, you have included a birth certificate to prove the relationship to your dad and your mom.

    To answer your question about the finances:
    1. You must meet LICO for yourself + your spouse + your children (if any) + your parents

    2. Their bank balances and investments must match their income/earnings/ITRs. CAD 6500 is quite low. Do they have FDs, shares, mutual funds, any other liquid finances?
  11. Actually have a quick question, as im applying for super visa for my parents

    My mom passport expires in oct 2019

    So i was thinking to put her passprt for extension in tatkal?

    But her medical is booked on 12th sep and she have to take her original passport wit her.

    So i was thinking to postpone her medical and book it when we get her passport back ?

    As i heard that visa sometimes depend upon the expiration on the passport and will get how long its valid for ?

    Or any suggestions
  12. You guys know that IRCC has changed its list of required documents for supervisa right? As a matter of fact, there is no requirement for your parent/grandparent to submit any of their documents related to their finances or property. The online checklist only ask for documents from the host. Please see the comunique here https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/corporate/publications-manuals/operational-bulletins-manuals/temporary-residents/visitors/super-visa.html
    I know people are trying to help, but miscommunication is also not very good.
  13. There is no change in the IRCC list of required documents for super visas. It continues to remain the same as before whether for the host or the applicant-parent/grandparent.

    This is incorrect.

    As temporary residents, super visa applicants must provide evidence of the ties to their home country which includes property, family, employment, etc etc.... as well as their financial situation to some extent. These visa assessment criteria have NOT been waived off/not removed.

    Here's the link:


    Miscommunication, incorrect information or partial information is not good. Ditto for half knowledge or little knowledge
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  14. What do my parents need to take for their medical exam

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