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Super Visa Question

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by MH_UK, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    This might sound like a dumb question but I am really perplexed in regards to it. I am trying to apply for my Parents(mum and dad) Supervisa Online and cant seem to figure out how to create another application for my mother. [​IMG] This is the actual snapshot of what I see. The application which has not been submitted is my dad's file and I am wanting to create another application for my mother and submit that too together if possible.

    If I click on Apply to come to Canada, it only provides me with Express Entry and IEC option and no option for visitor visa questionnaire.

    Is this because I have to submit my dad's file first and then it shall give me the visitor visa option again for my mother? I understand its a very trivial question but I have been frustrated trying to find answers. Thank you in advance all the lovely people who keep this forum active and the most trusted resource for Canadian Immigration.Below is the link for the snapshot


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