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Super Visa Passport Submission in Khi- Mystery Document Required

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by saramehdi84, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    I actually needed some help with regard to the documents required when submiting your passport to Gerry's after you receive a passport request from the IRCC. My inlaws were asked by IRCC to submit their passports and a copy of their passport request letter to their nearest VAC for visa stamping. Now when they arrived at Gerrys khi, the administration is saying they need another letter which has some barcode which IRCC should have sent them after they sent their passport request letter. We had applied for a super visa for them through lawyers and nor the lawyers nor us have received any other additional letter with any barcode and we are confused to what document gerrys is reffering to. They are not accepting my parents pasport without this document. We are so confused on what to do? The lawyers are saying they dont need any other additional document and are unaware of any requirement. What do we do? Can someone assist me with what documents people have submitted when they have gone to submit their passports to Gerrys for visa stamping? What is this mystery document???? Please help! this is urgent as we have 30 days to complete the process and we are already 10 days in! thanks alot!
  2. There's no additional letter with a barcode. You can check with VFS Abu Dhabi too.

    Also, I think there's an option to mail their passports directly to the Islamabad visa office. You can email the visa office to confirm if this is allowed for super visa applications
  3. Passport request letter for online application always have barcode
    I checked my online account ( I have 3 letters for Father & PIL) all letters do have bar code. Its also written that please quote the TRV # starting with V*. May be OP can send passport directly to embassy as you suggested with TRV # and letter.
  4. Thank you for your reply. Do you think this has something to do with the fact that they originally applied for their canadian super visa in America (the lawyers submitted the application online but they were living with us in the US at the time and it just seemed easier logistically), however their decision took extra long to come through (approximately 7 months) and they had to return to pakistan where they hold their residence. Now that we got their passport submission requests, they went to the VSF in Khi which is where they are having issues with this additional mystery document with a barcode. Though the lawyer told us they can submit their passports in any VSF, I have a feeling it has something to do with their specific application location. Can anyone please advise on this?
  5. Yes, passport request letters have a barcode. But, Gerrys in Karachi have requested the OP's in-laws for some additional letter that also has a barcode. IRCC does not issue any other letter/document in addition to the passport request letter leave aside having a barcode. No idea what Gerrys is referring to.

    IMO, the OP could either check with VFS Abu Dhabi... or else email the Islamabad visa office to confirm they can mail their passports directly to the VO
  6. How would Gerrys know where their applications were submitted?

    Your in-laws must email the Islamabad visa office to confirm they can mail their passports directly to the visa office. They must also mention they had previously applied when they were in the US.

    That said, a number of applicants apply for visas when they are in one country and then submit their passports to VACs when they are in another country
  7. thank you! yes we are getting checked by the islamabad visa office to see if they can submit it there, otherwise they might have to mail in their passports to me so I can submit them in the LA VAC. thats the only option i see.
  8. Is it legal to mail passports out of Pakistan?

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