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Super Visa Online Application Health Insurance

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by nash_avatar, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. I was expecting an upload button for Health Insurance.
    There is none.

    Where should I upload Health Insurance document? :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\

    Please help

    Thank you
  2. did you select super visa while answering questionnaire? if you had done that, there would have appeared a button for principal applicant's supporing documents list. i uploaded that yesterday. you can check that again when log in.
  3. I answered one question wrong and that is why my upload document list was not showing it.
    Thank I corrected it.
  4. To bimal2010,

    Trying to apply for inland supervisa for my mom. Going through questionnaire online, I did not see option for applying for "supervisa". All I see is a question beginning with: What would you like to do in Canada? and options are: Study, Visit, Work, Move There & Transit Only. Do you exactly where the option for "supervisa" is?.

    When I chose "Visit", the next several questions did not show any option for "supervisa". Could you explain please & thanks.
  5. Follow the questionaries. it will be there.
    Select Visit on the above question

    Make sure you fill questionarie from your mom's point of view.

    I made mistake while filling this.
    There was one question about relationship
    I wrote wrong answer like Parent and grandparent and it messed up my whole application.
    The answer should be Son or grandson.

    I applied my parents super visa on 10 PM Sunday March 16.
    Application has been approved with in 36 hours. I got email asking to send passport. It looks like my parents got the super visa.

  6. Nash_Avatar, Thanks for the explanation. I think I made a mistake and already submitted the application just before mid-night last night. I did upload all the requirements though, I put LICO proof, Health Inusrance etc in one on pdf file with the "proof of financial support". My question is to you, can I re-correct it once the application has been completely submitted and all requirements has been meet and uploaded successfuly eventhough not in the proper upload places?. I am sure they will get all the documents at the end..

  7. Once submitted, you can not change but i might be wrong.
    if you make mistake in questions , the upload section will be changed. Now in this scenario, I dont know what will they do.
    Worst case, they will reject and you have to do it again.

    Technically if you were not asked for super visa selection in any time of your question answer then you are filling a visitors visa by default. So it might pass but no super visa only visitors visa. No idea how will they process your app
  8. Well I guess, just wait and see. Depending on the mercy of the VO at the time when they read my application. If fails, I have to redo and pay another $100. I wish that they could show mercy in this case where all requirements have been met and uploaded, but just not in the proper upload buttons. Wish me luck guys :). I read in the checklist of required documents that says: "You will not be able to make changes to your application once it has been submitted".

    I just went through the questionnaires again and this time pick "Son/Grandson" instead of "Parent/Grandparent", you guys correct that there are whole bunch of separated document requirements' upload buttons for Parent Supervisa application!. Lessons learned.

    For those who are applying for parent/grandparent's Super Visa(in Canada) by online to be carefull when answering the question: How are you related to your family member?, to apply on behalf of your parent/grandparent to choose: "Child/grandchild" and not to choose "Parent/Grandparent" !!!. I personally found that this question is ambiguous.

    Thanks again to you nash_avatar for answering my question.
  9. This is the mistake i did and open this thread. Bimal2010 's answer gave me hint that i did something wrong and i read all questions really carefully.
    It is too late but still it clears your misunderstanding. All the best for your app. You will be just fine.
  10. guess77,

    what did you select under "purpose of visit" in your mom's application form - page 2 of IMM5257? did you select "Super Visa: For Parents or Grandparents". there are 7 items to choose from. I think this dictates the processing of your application. and three things insurance, income support , invitation letter.
    I think they go by what you have subimmitted and what you have specified in your application. it should be fine.
    good luck!
  11. bimal2010,
    I selected for Super Visa application and all completed documents and requirements to go with this application have been submitted successfully. Hopefully they would understand the minor mistake in the initial online questionnaire and approved the super visa application. It may take longer to process as I should have selected "Son/grandson" option in the questionnaire. It's hard to say, but I will keep you guys posted.
    Thanks again!.
  12. Genius!!! :)

    I was having a hard time trying to understand why am I getting only VISITOR visa option.
  13. But now processing time shows around 3months. What was the processing time on cic site that time?
  14. It was 21 days. But it is assumption, I can not remember for sure.
  15. Must be a paper application. Online applications are taking longer than a Canadian winter to end.

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