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Super Visa Invitation letter

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by sting, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    Did you follow this format for the super visa invitation letter?


    Does anyone have any sample that I could follow?

  2. I wrote 2 letters in total.

    The first is the main invitation letter with a heading "Invitation Letter to My Mother" and addressing my mom. It has 2 pages. First page starts with my intention, little background of my mom and myself (with emotional touch), my current Canadian status & family size, financial condition of both my mother & myself, my plan when my mother comes to Canada and finally ending it with request for approval. The second page (back) contains my info (as an inviter) and my mother's info (as an invitee) like it's stated in the CIC format.

    My second one is a short 1-page letter with a heading "Declaration of Support". Here I wrote in affidavit style who I am, what I do, where I reside, what my Canadian status is, what my mom does, where she resides, why she is coming here etc. It's short summary of everything I wrote in the invitation letter. But I made it look like a cover page for all my financial docs as the heading is meant for.

    Both letters were notarized here in Canada.
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  3. I have applied for mom's visitor visa back in 2006 and it was rejected twice.. After that I have not applied again. Now I am planning to apply again through super visa. Is it possible for you to share your invitation letters with personal information hidden/protected?. My email : desimontreal@gmail.com
  4. http://immigration.afropages.ca/sample_invitiation_letter.php
  5. Does the Invitation letter have to be notarized here in Canada?
  6. Did your mother finally get the super-visa?
    I hope she did! Please share your experience..

    Thanks in advance.

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