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Super visa for mom

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by bahaakhaled, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Hi, i applied for a supervisa for my mom online everything is done and seems to be ok. they sent me email for medical test required within 30 days from today.
    My 52 years old Mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer stage 2 last year and she did a successful whipple prossedure and she is cancer free 100% and she dont take any treatment or medicine pills.
    My question is it impossible to give a visa for a cancer survival or they only care about chronic and infectious diseases...
  2. 1. Did you include the minimum CAD 100,000 medical insurance?

    2. Your mom must do the medicals as requested within 30 days.

    3. The chances of a super visa approval will depend on whether or not she may need healthcare services during her stay + the cost of any hospitalization stay/medical procedures if required (whether or not these are covered by insurance).... and/or whether or not she has any other medical conditions due to her cancer
  4. Ya i included the minimum coverage Insurance $100,000 and everything they need I was just wondering if they will cancel the application because she had cancer last year and she is cured now.. doctor asked me to attach the surgery results and bring it with my mom for the medical exam abd i think this would help
  5. You should be aware that if she has any problems with her pancreas or any reoccurrence with of her cancer her insurance coverage will likely not cover it so you'll (or she'll) need to be prepared to pay any costs. You'll need to look at the policy very carefully.
  6. IMO, you can expect medical furtherance because there are limited options for treating pancreatic cancer + it spreads to other parts of the body + survival rates are very low even with treatment.

    In hindsight, it probably would have been best to have applied for a TRV for a short stay instead of a super visa.

    Hope for the best
  7. It was stage 2 with a small tumor and didnt spread out of the pancreas. After surgery she went to chemo for 6 mnth after that doctor told my mom that she is done with chemo and she don't need it anymore and she is cancer free. And now she is healthy and all she has to do is take care of her food and do some sports.
    I have all the test results that i will attach it to her file to see how its gonna go.
  8. Fingers crossed
  9. Thats what i have in my policy
    Eligibility Requirements
    You may apply for and purchase this coverage on behalf of a family member not more than 365 days before the Policy Date. The insured person’s eligibility is
    based on all of the following statements being correct. We will void this coverage and no benefits will be payable if any of these statements are false.
    1. You have not been diagnosed with a terminal illness for which you are expected to have less than 6 months to live
    2. You are not travelling against the advice of a physician.
    3. You do not have a kidney condition requiring dialysis.
    4. You have not used home oxygen during the 12 months prior to the date of application.
    5. You have not been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease or any other form of dementia.
    6. You been not been diagnosed with or received treatment for congestive heart failure.
    7. You have not been prescribed or taken Furosemide for any reason in the last 12 months.
    8. You have not been prescribed or taken insulin to control your diabetes in the last 12 months.
    9. You have never had an organ transplant (heart, kidney, liver, or lung).
    10. You have not experienced any new or undiagnosed symptoms and/or know of any reason to seek medical attention.
    11. You are not eligible for benefits under any Canadian government health insurance plan.
    Will you be covered for pre-existing conditions?
    Do you have an irregularity in your health, which required or requires medical advice, consultation, investigation, treatment, care, service or diagnosis by a
    physician? None of these pre-existing medical conditions are eligible for coverage under this plan. We will not pay any expenses relating to any pre-existing
  10. Thank u anyways for fast replying
  11. @Bryanna just to let everyone know if they have similar case.. my mom got the super visa 5 days ago and it took 65 days
  12. Congratulations ! And most important, she is cancer free.
  13. Thats right thanks god... and wish all the best
  14. That's great. Unfortunately she will have to go home for regular scans unless you are willing to pay for them in Canada. Guess she probably is on 3-6 month scans at the moment then it usually goes to yearly.
  15. That's absolutely fantastic. It must be a huge relief for you. Congratulations :)

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