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(Super Delay) Work Permit Extension (inland) Timelines Here...

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Shongsu, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. I heard some July applicants are still waiting for a response. And I also heard lots of people saying that CIC never replied back from the web forms. But you've inspired me to give it a try and send the form. I completed 100 days today and this wait is killing me...
  2. I am on 99th day of waiting. I sent an inquiry through web mail. I received a response within 24 hours, sayinh its still in progress
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  3. Anybody got SOWP Extension For single applicant ?
  4. Okay thank you so much I ll do that.congrats and wish you all the best
  5. Guys... Anyone got update last week?
  6. I got the approval last week

    August 13-applied online ICT extension, spouse, 1 kid (both Visitor )
    November 22nd - Approved.
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  7. Congratulations
  8. Not yet 125 days now
  9. Sounds scary. I am on the same boat. Its more than 100 days now. I check my cic account more than 5 times a day to check any update.
    Fingers crossed.
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  10. Hi Guys,

    Below are my timelines.
    Applied on 21st August 2018 for WP and Dependent visitor Extension
    Called IRCC helpline on 23rd Nov 2018(Friday). Customer care representative mentioned, ideally it need to be approved by 29th Oct 2018. And he informed me that he is keeping note on my case to pick it on high priority.

    Approved on 26th Nov 2018(Monday).

    So my suggestion would be, please call IRCC, then only they are processing it.

    Note: Dont worry about visitor extension timelines. If it is combined application and WP holder is primary applicant then they need to consider only the primary applicant timelines for dependent visitor extension also. (This has been informed me to IRCC customer care represntative)
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  11. Can you please send me the number and at what you call them
  12. You need to call +1 888 242 2100. Please try to call them between 1 to 4 PM. You need to try 4-5 times then only it will connect and also once you are in que, it will take 30 min to transfer your call to a representative.
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  13. Thank you so much for the response,between 1 to 4pm in Indian time? I will call them today.thanks again
  14. No. its EST timings.
  15. Okay thanks alot,i wish you all the best
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