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Suggest me a program and university

Discussion in 'Education' started by Jasveer1997, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Hello guys I have finished high school in India and I'm planning to go Canada for further studies.

    Please suggest me a good university and bachelor's in Quebec.

  2. Only you can decide what course you want to take based on your future career aspirations and interests. Not sure how you can come here and ask for someone to come up with a random course that you may not be interested in. Provide some clues and someone might give some feedback
  3. Hi i am looking to apply for masters in electrical engineering in canada for Jan 2020 intake.
    My be (hons) eee CGPA is 7.69/10
    WORK EXP: 2 years
    please suggest suitable colleges where i can safely apply for 2020 jan intake
  4. Hi is it get admission to university if I m Canadian PR.....?
    I just recieved PR and planning to take up some course...?
    Plz suggest......

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