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Study permit

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Gurkirat1, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. Hey..
    I applied my visa online on 13th of july
    Biometrics were done on 29th july.
    After that no updates..
    All the eligibility criterias were fullfilled too..
    Its been a month now and the processing time is 4 weeks
    I applied from delhi
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  2. If the processing time has passed send a webform query.
    Also, processing time starts after bio-metrics.
  3. I
    it’s written online that the processing time starts when your file is Submitted
  4. If you read it carefully once again... It states that it doesn't count the days till you give your biometric.
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  5. Timelines are just estimates.
  6. Hi friends,

    My Brother got an admission from Concordia university for Master of engineering in Information systems security. He needs to apply for study permit and getting visa from Iran.
    1. Do you think getting visa would be difficult because of the subject information systems security?
    2. I live in Canada and I have passport. Is it going to be bad for him and more difficult getting visa because I live in Canada?

    Thanks much
  7. Hi,
    May I know the profile of your brother and when did he apply? Actually I have also applied for the same course for January, 2020 but haven't received any reply yet.
  8. Hello
    i also applied on 29th July & medical updated on 14th Aug-19. still waiting for decision.
    8980222344 no whats app me we will be in touch for better communication.

    Vivek Patel
  9. Its not important at all to pursuing in Network Security program. His conditions will determine his eligibility specially to proof family tie to Iran. If you have a good income then it will be an advantage for him to show you as his sponser.
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  10. Hi, Sorry I just saw your msg. He applied 3 months before. he is recently graduated not working.
  11. So did he receive his visa or still waiting ?
  12. Don’t agree with the other poster. Yes your status in Canada is a negative for your brother because it creates ties in Canada which would indicate that he is likely to want to stay. How much that will impact is unknown. Not sure what kind of impact training someone from Iran would have given the country would be considered an enemy and a country that commits cyber terrorism against Canada. Not sure anyone would admit that there would be concerns training foreign nationals in Canada. There are plenty of students of other countries that are approved and they are known to have stolen IP through PhD students.
  13. Still waiting
  14. Hello everyone
    My husband submitted study permit application on July 14 from Canada. we haven't received any update yet! We filled webform as well no response.
    On the other hand the department has zero tolerance they are going to drop him out of the program if he can not submit it by the end of this week. they even don't accept to defer the offer.
    do you have any idea? any suggestion?
    We are under a fatal stress :(
  15. You are in Canada? You need to call them.

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