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Study permit

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Gurkirat1, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. Also you can contact your local MP who can make enquiries on your behalf directly to ircc.
  2. Yes we are in Canada.
    We called the 4 times during the last two weeks there is no clear answer. They just say you need to be patient it’s under the process.
  3. Definitely do the MP thing, go to their office and see if they are willing to help.
  4. We went there yesterday and they had a phone conversation with IRCC, at the end they said we need to wait for 10 business days. They also sent email to the department but unfortunately the department doesn’t cooperate. 10 days is long, hope they respond back in this week. Thank you all though. If we get any update will write here.
  5. Finally today the department agreed to give us more time to submit the study permit.
    It’s over 2 months waiting for the permit.
    I’m wondering if our EE profile is the reason for the delay?
  6. Hi,

    If my spouse is non accompanying in my study permit, can I get the spouse work permit after few months in landing in Canada? If not when I can get my spouse to Canada?

    Thank you

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